A holistic resource for empowering education through the ethical and inclusive integration of generative AI

About the Framework

The Online Learning Consortium is proud to release the OLC Framework for Comprehensive Design, Equitable Implementation, and Continuous Improvement of AI Strategy, a pioneering resource tailored for educational institutions embarking on the journey of integrating generative AI into their practices, curriculum, and digital strategy. Crafted through the remix of three transformational digital learning frameworks from colleagues at WCET, APLU, Tyton Partners, MERLOT, and SkillsCommons, this resource marks a decisive step towards realizing the transformative potential of AI in education, emphasizing equitable, inclusive, and ethical practices.

The framework offers a structured approach to adopting AI technologies, focusing on fostering a proactive and inclusive culture of innovation. It underscores the importance of considering AI’s impact across all facets of education — from administrative planning to course design and delivery to student adoption and usage. Educational leaders are equipped with actionable strategies to navigate the complexities of AI deployment, ensuring that technological advancements enhance learning experiences for all students.

Leveraging insights from multidisciplinary research and proven methodologies, the framework is designed as a dynamic tool for continuous improvement. It encourages institutions to engage various stakeholders in meaningful discussions, refine policies and guidelines for this era of AI, and actively involve students in shaping the future of education. Through a holistic lens, it aims to position generative AI as an empowering force in diverse teaching and learning contexts.