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  • New Challenges for College Retention in the COVID-19 Era
    On this episode we look at what colleges can do to keep students on track even during the health and economic crisis of the global pandemic. We recorded this conversation live at the LearningMan virtual conference hosted by Arizona State University last month....
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  • Why It’s So Hard to Lower the Cost of Textbooks
    The college textbook publishing industry is offering colleges a new kind of deal: Order digital course materials in bulk at a discounted rate, then pass the savings on to students, who are automatically billed for subscriptions to online versions of their textbooks. These arrangements, often called “inclusive access” programs, tend...
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  • Longtime Educator Jamaal Bowman Is Headed to Congress. Here’s His Take on Reopening Schools
    Jamaal Bowman started his career as an elementary school teacher. Then he became a high school guidance counselor and dean of students. After that, he founded his own public middle school in the Bronx and served as its principal for 10 years. In what has been called a stunning upset,...
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  • Should Instructors Rethink Final Exams? Some Profs Try 'Epic Finales'
    When the pandemic hit, the traditional final exam just didn't seem to fit the moment for one physics professor. So she decided on a community-service project instead, and says it has made a more lasting impact on students than any blue book would have. She's one of several educators replacing...
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  • Fighting Misinformation in the Age of COVID-19
    Information literacy has long been hard to teach—let’s face it, the landscape of online platforms changes so fast these days. And during this COVID-19 pandemic, it can seem harder than ever to sort out reliable information from falsehood, rumor and conspiracy. This week we're talking to two experts working to...
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  • Do Selective Colleges Favor the Rich and Work Against the American Dream?
    A new book, The Merit Myth, argues that selective colleges have become places that block social mobility, and instead “fast-track the elite to ever higher status.” One of its authors, Anthony Carnevale, makes the case for why higher education needs to be more accessible....
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  • A First-Gen College Student Talks Fauxmencement, Loan Debt and Advice for Educators
    Zipporah Osei is a first-generation college student who wants to fill in knowledge gaps about navigating colleges for others like her. So she started an email newsletter called First Gen. The project can help educators and school and college leaders get a clearer picture of what the college experience is...
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  • What a Forgotten Instructional Fad From the ‘70s Reveals About Teaching
    In the 1960s and '70s, an experimental form of teaching made a big splash at colleges. It was called PSI, or the Personalized System of Instruction. And it's largely forgotten, says Jonathan Zimmerman, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, author of a new book on the history of college...
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  • Reading, Writing and .. AI Literacy? Conrad Wolfram Wants to ‘Fix’ Math Education
    The coronavirus pandemic is the latest example of why math literacy is key to daily life, as people struggle to understand health statistics and attempts to "flatten the curve." Our guest this week, Conrad Wolfram, says that the education system has done a terrible job preparing us to live in...
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  • Parents Are Getting More involved During Remote Learning. Is That a Good Thing?
    Parenting is a tough job in the best of circumstances. And if you’re anything like me, it’s been even harder in the age of COVID-19, with the new role of helping students go through their online classes. Now that we’re more involved, are we doing it right? Are we too...
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"The chemistry between Tom and Kelvin is fabulous. The episode sounded like a professional, seasoned radio talk show, very interesting and entertaining. The length of the podcast was great. Time flew."

Ed Garay, Assistant Director, Academic Computing, University of Illinois at Chicago (TOPcast)