Research Summit - Part 2: Leveraging Research To Advance Scholarship and Practice

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Brief Abstract

How can we leverage the latest digital, blended, and online learning research in our scholarship and practice? Join fellow researchers and practitioners as we further examine emerging research and apply trends to advancing both scholarship and practice.   



Dr. Nicole Weber is the Assistant Vice President (AVP) of Learning at the Online Learning Consortium (OLC). In this role she works closely with OLC staff and global partners to advance professional development opportunities, continuous improvement efforts, and research in support of quality digital, blended, and online learning. Before joining OLC, she served as the Director of Learning Technology at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater where she led online and blended faculty development efforts, technology training for the digital learning ecosystem, and emerging learning technology exploration and evaluation, collaborating across the institution to support student learning and success. Nicole received her PhD in Urban Education specializing in Social Foundations of Education with an emphasis on designing engaging learning environments in 2012.
Patsy Moskal is the Director of the Digital Learning Impact Evaluation in the Research Initiative for Teaching Effectiveness at the University of Central Florida (UCF) where she evaluates the impact of technology-enhanced learning and serves as the liaison for faculty scholarship of teaching and learning. In 2011 Dr. Moskal was named an OLC Fellow in recognition of her groundbreaking work in the assessment of the impact and efficacy of online and blended learning. She has written and co-authored numerous works on blended and online learning and is a frequent presenter on these topics. Patsy's co-authored book--Conducting Research in Online and Blended Learning: New Pedagogical Frontiers--with Dziuban, Picciano, and Graham, was published in August 2015. She currently serves on the OLC Board of Directors.
Dr. Abby McGuire serves as the Director of Research at the Online Learning Consortium where she supports the OLC’s research efforts and advances the reach and impact of the OLC’s Research Center. Abby collaborates with scholars, practitioners, OLC team members, and external partners to design and implement initiatives and publish research that advances online, blended, and digital teaching and learning. Abby loves creating and sharing ideas to deepen understanding and shift perspectives about teaching and learning. She is a bold, creative thinker and educational leader with professional writing, editing, and consulting expertise, and she is a higher education professional with more than a decade of experience in administrative and faculty roles. Abby holds a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership and a Master of Arts in English Composition and Communication from Central Michigan University.

Extended Abstract

Engaging with emerging research is foundational to the work we do as researchers and practitioners in the education space. During this session participants will have the opportunity to further explore the trends raised in the first session “The Great Online Migration:  Lessons Learned from Online Learning Journal Researchers” and other trends that are emerging in the field. This session will begin quick overview of research trends and proceed with participants joining one of two breakout rooms: 

  • Advancing Research, facilitated by Patsy Moskal (Director of Digital Learning Impact Evaluation, University of Central Florida), will provide researchers from all experience levels and methodological backgrounds the space to reflect on current trends, discuss where research needs to go next, and share findings from their work.

  • Advancing Practice, facilitated by Dylan Barth (Senior Teaching, Learning, and Technology Consultant, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), will provide practitioners from all experience levels the space to reflect on how research can guide practice and share how they are leveraging research in the work they do as they design, develop, and facilitate courses and instructional development opportunities. 

Be sure to join us for this exciting session where you can reflect with others in the community around how we can use current research to advance scholarship and practice!