Courseware is education’s panacea - or is it? How CogBooks & Cambridge are working together to get courseware working for everyone [Hint: It’s not just about the tech]

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Brief Abstract

Data reveals that educators intend to continue leveraging courseware beyond the pandemic, but there are still challenges to overcome, namely those related to content, contextualization and equity. Come learn how CogBooks, now part of Cambridge University Press & Assessment, is partnering with institutions to tackle such challenges without compromising the benefits of courseware today.


At CogBooks we are committed to transforming the way teachers teach and students learn, by applying science-based methods to education. Through our unique advanced adaptive learning technologies, we are changing the way secondary and further education students learn. We believe our technology will define the next generation of education, empowering teachers and institutions like never before.

Extended Abstract

In this session, Nic Rebne (CogBooks) and Chris Bennett (Cambridge University Press & Assessment) will share the ongoing, pandemic-and-beyond global drivers of digital courseware demand, and offer insight into how institutions and instructors can work with providers like CogBooks and Cambridge to imagine, design and deliver bespoke courseware with adaptive capabilities that can align successfully to very specific teaching and goals. Now that CogBooks has been acquired by Cambridge, attendees will also learn more about our ambitious vision for the future of modern courseware.

Key takeaways from this session will include:
* Ensuring newly designed or implemented courseware can deliver on the need for equity in education
* Measuring a courseware according to an independent equity rubric
* Evaluating a partnership to ensure excellence in all aspects of teacher and learner user experience including content, technology platform and service excellence
* Implementing courseware effectively in any modality (in-person, hybrid and exclusively online) and the proven benefits of doing so to the teaching & learning experience
* Envisioning an ambitious future for modern courseware