WIIFM: Webinar Best Practices to Increase your Reach!

Concurrent Session 1 & 2 (combined)

Session Materials

Brief Abstract

This session will explore simple tips and tricks to promote interest and engagement in synchronous seminar/webinar events as well as tools to maximize those events for asynchronous use. We will focus on prompting the WIIFM (what’s in it for me) to help drive audience participation and engagement.  Attendees will develop, identify and produce a short asynchronous video commercial for later use in their seminar/webinar development.


Dr. Hernandez is the Educational and Professional Programming manager at Western Governors University (WGU). In her role, Dr. Hernandez is responsible for managing professional programming and outreach for the United States’ largest private, non-profit university. Dr. Hernandez is a seasoned classroom veteran with more than 25 years' experience as a STEM educator and K12 department chair. Dr. Hernandez has a doctorate in educational leadership with a specialization in Curriculum and Instruction & Virtual Education, a MBA, and is a California-credentialed teacher in cross-cultural and science education.

Extended Abstract

In today’s world use of multimedia is a required element in any educational platform. Often professionals will spend a great deal of time and effort in developing and hosting a seminar or webinar only to have less attendees than anticipated. Further, many live events are limited in their usage once the event has taken place. This session will walk participants through the planning, development, marketing and post session usage of a live webinar or seminar event. Whether for a small group of students, or a large meetin,  attendees will learn to maximize their work and use what they have created to its full capacity.

  • Participants of this workshop will plan and brainstorm a webinar session specific to their field and institution.
  • Participants will brainstorm a title that incorporates the WIIFM for the intended audience.
  • Participants of this workshop will create a 3-5 minute mini commercial session for their brainstormed session.
  • Participants will create a 30 second “mic drop” moment from their mini-commercial for immediate use.

This session is primarily collaborative and interactive. Each participant will identify their unique topic for development. Participants will collaborate and work with other participants at the table for feedback and suggestions. However the final product will be specific to the participant and for their use within their specific institution.

The instructor will help with technology, brainstorm, planning and feedback. Participants will create multiple titles and scripts with the purpose of engaging their specific audience in their institution. Theinstructor needs a projector and screen as well as a wireless microphone. The presenter would also love to use OLC swag/flash drives in the session for participants to save and share the materials. 

Participants will need a laptop that is video enabled, a microphone/headset as well as screen recording programs such as WebEx, Zoom, Screencast-o- matic. Participants will also be introduced to free versions of various resources such as  Playposit, Free Cam 8 and Certify’em. Participants will be encouraged to use whatever current technology they are comfortable with  (Jam Board, Padlet, ect…).


This can be either a workshop or express workshop. The proposed timelines are as follows:

Workshop Timeline:

Introduction:                                                                                         5 minutes

What’s in a name brainstorm:                                                              10 minutes

Developing a webinar planning:                                                          10 minutes

You Try -Participants will develop and record a 3-5 minute session: 45 minutes

        Make sure it is accessible

        Make it interactive add PlayPosIt

        Don’t like it - Edit it with Free Cam 8

Data and Metric - what do you need to know?                                     5 minutes

Make it a Mic Drop Moment; create a 30 second clip:                        10 minutes        

Questions and Wrap up:                                                                        10 Minutes


Total Time                                                                                              90 Minutes



Express Workshop (45 minutes)


Introduction:                                                                                                        5 minutes

What’s in a name brainstorm:                                                                             5 minutes

Developing a webinar planning:                                                                          5 minutes

You Try -Participants will develop a 3-5 minute session to be recorded later:  15 minutes

        Make sure it is accessible

        Make it interactive add PlayPosIt (takeaway)

        Don’t like it - Edit it with Free Cam 8 (takeaway)

Data and Metric - what do you need to know?  (follow up takeaway)                               


Make it a Mic Drop Moment; create a 30 second clip and record:                   10 Minutes                               

Questions and Wrap up:                                                                                      5  Minutes


Total time                                                                                                            45 Minutes