A Simple Plan and Awesome Tool for Making Your Live Online Sessions More Engaging

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Brief Abstract

To maximize the potential for making connections during live online sessions, this presentation will highlight:

  1.  a framework for generating content before live sessions, exploring the content during the session, and continuing to develop that content after the session.
  2. a tool that seamlessly connects the student experience and content.

Extended Abstract

At this point, we've all been forced to become expert teachers in online, hybrid, hyflex, and whatever other methods we have come up with for teaching these days!

Though these experiences have been challenging in so many ways, I think most of us will agree that we have become better teachers all-around, using new tools and techniques to engage our students.

Of course, our favorite tool by far is Zoom or one of its counterparts. We love getting to meet with our students face-to-face, even if only digitally.

While these live sessions are great for connecting with our students, without proper planning they can be less effective at connecting what students learn before, during, and after the session.

However, one of the greatest benefits of these live sessions is the ability to make connections--make connections with our students and just as importantly make connections with the content we are teaching.

To maximize the potential for connections during these live sessions, this presentation will introduce participants to:

  1.  a framework from creating a holistic plan for generating content before each live session, exploring the content more fully during the live session, and continuing to build onto that content after the live session.
  2. a tool that seamlessly connects the student experience and content they generate.

The outcome of using this framework and tool is that students share in the task of shaping the experience of the live sessions, are actively engaging in building new knowledge during these sessions, and are meaningfully invested in the continued development of ideas after the session.