Research Summit: Part 3 - How Do We Move Our Research Ideas Forward?

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Research OLC Session

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Brief Abstract

You’ve reviewed the existing literature and landscape, you’ve designed your study, and you’re ready to get started with the research project. But - let’s pause for a moment. Before you dive in, let’s think about research and publication outcomes.


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Dr. Jessica Knott is Assistant Vice President of Community Strategy, Experience, and Management. In this role, Jessica manages outreach activities and strategies, including environmental scanning, experience design, communications and planning, based on a deep understanding of our community and member interests. Prior to the OLC, Jessica led a team that supported faculty and academic staff in creating quality, caring and exemplary digital experiences at Michigan State University.

Extended Abstract

So. You’ve got the research plan. Or do you? Have you thought about where you’ll share, publish, and amplify your project and findings?

This 45-minute session will consist of a conversation on moving your research forward, including:

  • Considering publication avenues as a part of your research plan; 
  • Alternatives to traditional publication;  
  • Deciding what publication channels are right for you and your work;

In addition, you will have the opportunity to: 

  • Analyze different publication methods and discuss the pros and cons of each;
  • Converse with other researchers about their experiences and what has worked for them;
  • Get started on a publication planning timeline that can help you think about your research schedule in the context of identifying desired outlets;

During the session participants will be provided a collaborative document with additional resources and opportunities to reflect and collaborate with other session participants to advance their research work. 

Ultimately, these three, interconnected sessions at the OLC Accelerate 2020 Research Summit will provide us with new avenues of supporting student success through empirical research that is generative, connected, and impactful.