Enhancing Student Engagement In Online Courses With Pedagogical Technology

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Brief Abstract

Student motivation and engagement are the key to a strong learning community. With the sudden transition to online classrooms during COVID-19, it becomes much harder to keep students connected. This session presents FeedbackFruits pedagogical tools that help educators create engaging courses and its new AI solution to save instructors time.

Extended Abstract

When the learning moves beyond the physical classroom, will education be the same? As online learning becomes “new normal” for 2021 and beyond, there are both challenges and opportunities to be tackled.

For students, it is the feeling of disorientation, increased depression and anxiety. Online learning deprives students of direct social contact, and prevents them from engaging in a ‘real’ community. For teachers, it is the challenge of technological adaptation and pedagogical adjustment when switching to online classrooms. Furthermore, dealing with students’ decreased engagement while having to maintain mental stability is another nerve-racking issue. And for educational leaders, it is the battle to ensure a smooth transition to online education without compromising the curriculum, and to handle the financial troubles caused by dropouts and study delay.

These challenges; however, open great potential for educational innovation and transformation.

It is not about online vs face-to-face education, or how the pandemic has put us at a disadvantageous position. What matters is whether educators are flexible and innovative enough to adapt to educational changes, thus creating positive educational values. Technology does not drive education. Learning is directly influenced by the pedagogical approach, and course design is facilitated by teachers and instructional designers. Technological affordances are only beneficial if they are put in the right hands, with the right mindset.

Educators and school leaders are the key drivers behind education, who can initiate learning transformation by changing the pedagogy. This process is indeed challenging; it therefore requires a tremendous amount of support and assistance. FeedbackFruits is founded upon this belief: to help educators create the best course design that cultivates a strong online learning community. FeedbackFruits has been building a LMS-integrated tool suite of 9 learning solutions that encompasses a range of learning activities within pedagogical themes such as: self & peer assessment, online discussion and team-based learning. These tools are designed to increase students’ engagement and learning efficiency while saving instructors a considerable amount of time to focus on actual teaching and be able to track their students' learning progress in detail.

So how do we solve the engagement problem with our pedagogical solutions?

Join the session of FeedbackFruits CEO Ewoud de Kok and explore how we can leverage technological potential to elevate course design. In details, you will be able to:

  • Understand the role of pedagogical technology in initiating educational transformation
  • Gain insights into FeedbackFruits pedagogical tools to improve and optimize course designs
  • How AI can be put in use for peer feedback and to decrease instructors’ workload
  • Discover the effectiveness of our tools and their powerful impacts upon the learning experience through a specific success case