Avoiding Overreach: How Online Proctoring With PSI Bridge Alleviates Remote Testing Anxiety For Students

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Brief Abstract

PSI’s human-first approach to intelligent Online Proctoring assures students that their personal information is secure and their privacy respected during every phase of their testing experience.


Mark Musacchio is Senior Director of Sales, PSI Education. For the past 12 years, Mark has worked with countless educators in higher education and certification organizations to help them with their assessment challenges. With a focus on customer experience, he works closely with senior leadership and account management to ensure quality and excellence throughout the customer lifecycle.

Extended Abstract

Remote learning is increasing at warp speed, and at-home testing is now a reality for students and teachers around the world. Research shows that, like in a traditional classroom setting, instances of malpractice increase substantially if an online test is not proctored. Some level of surveillance is needed if you want to prevent students from trying to circumvent exam rules while testing remotely.

It is vital that exam monitoring technology, especially online proctoring solutions, alleviate – not compound – security concerns for test-takers and faculty. Unlike other online proctoring solutions in the market, PSI Bridge is designed to support and foster a culture of academic honesty without sacrificing student privacy. Join us to learn how non-invasive online proctoring won’t leave students exposed.