Learn How Instructors and Students Can Engage More in their Online Discussions

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Trying to engage your students more in your online discussions? Pulling them into the discussion multiple times each week is key to ensuring they are present and active in their class. Hear from Marcus Popetz and Jonathan Gallion, PhD, during this coffee talk as they discuss how multiple due dates each week not only increases the opportunity to engage with more of their fellow students, but how it can extend learning opportunities.


Marcus Popetz is CEO and co-founder of 42 Lines, a higher education software development company that recently launched Harmonize, a next-generation online discussion platform that unites students and instructors in a more engaged and collaborative learning experience. Since 2009, 42 Lines has delivered custom software solutions to higher education, helping institutions work more efficiently to serve students, improve engagement and retention, and support their missions. Marcus believes that technology can radically change how institutions imagine themselves and he works to overcome barriers between what is and what can be. Marcus lives in Boulder, CO with his wife and two boys. When he’s not thinking about technology, you can usually find him on a mountain, sometimes biking, sometimes skiing.

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