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Thank you for your patience as we reimagine these activities to accommodate the new all virtual event, to be held June 15-26, 2020.


Arguably one of the best features of conference attendance is the ability to meet up with colleagues, old and new, from across the country. From sharing ubiquitous challenges to collaborating on solutions and innovations, or just meeting someone with similar passions, these connections allow us to scale the impact of our work supporting students and reconnect with why we love what we do. But how do you make your time networking meaningful, especially if you are a person who finds it to be awkward or overwhelming?

Welcome to the OLC Innovate Speed Networking Lounge, an informal conversation space where participants can slow down to connect with fellow attendees through lightweight activities and games. All are welcome to pop into the space at any time during the conference, using the area for informal chats, co-working, or reflections. Our hope is that you will use the space throughout the conference to collaboratively explore emerging digital pedagogy.

About the Lounge

The Speed Networking Lounge is open for anyone to hang out at any time that the exhibit hall space is open. During the Networking Breaks, we will have some special activities planned, tasty snacks and drinks, as well as the opportunity to win prizes. We’re trying to support your zipping in and out, but you may not want to leave…

Can I bring a group of my colleagues with me to the lounge?
Of course!  For those looking for an area of the conference that is a little quieter for conversations with colleagues, but not as quiet as other spaces, the Speed Networking Lounge is your perfect location.  

But what if I am attending the conference on my own? Is the space for solo visitors too?
This space was MADE for those coming by on their own. Simply stop by on your own to meet other attendees looking to meet, chat, connect and (hopefully) keep in touch! You can also engage with some of the participants asynchronously with interactive spaces and puzzles that will remain in the space for you to start and others to finish. Best of all, even if you don’t come with a group, you can also invite new people that you’ve met throughout the conference to meet up later in the space.

When should I come by?
There are different activities set at different times, so take a look at the schedule below to get a sense of when you might best engage with the space:


When should I come by? There are different activities set at different times, so take a look at the schedule below to get a sense of when you might best engage with the space: 

Thank you for your patience as we update the schedule to accommodate the new all virtual event.


7 Great Ways to Use the Speed Networking Lounge

So what exactly can you do in the Speed Networking Lounge? And how can you make the most of your time in the space?  Here are 10 easy ways connect with your colleagues in a meaningful and comfortable way!

  1. Recharge Over a Puzzle or Game
    It’s easier to chat casually over a shared task, and what better way to recharge and refocus than tackling a puzzle with someone else.

  2. Relax With a Lawn Game
    You know what they say about all work and no play…Take a moment to relax by playing a round of cornhole, dominoes, and other fun lawn games.  A chivalrous competition in the form of a mock tournament will be held with rounds taking place during the networking breaks. Teams of 1 or more are welcome to enter.

  3. Extend Conversations from a Session
    After attending an amazing presentation, you often want to take a little time to connect the ideas shared with the work you’re doing at your home institution.  Ask the presenter and/or other folks that stuck around after the session asking additional questions if they’d want to continue the conversation in the lounge.

  4. Solve a Team Problem
    Are you attending the conference with members of your organization? Or maybe your colleagues from other institutions are present?  Plan a time to take over the lounge for an amazing co-working session.

  5. Meet Up with a Social Media Friend IRL
    Following someone awesome on Twitter that you’ve discovered is also at the conference?  Tweet them and ask to meet up in real life in the lounge. If you come during a Networking Break, you can chat over specialty snacks and maybe win an awesome prize.

  6. Bring a Wingperson
    If you’re anxious about networking, consider bringing a friend along with you. It can be easier to approach and meet people when you have someone else by your side. And when you do split up, you can contact-swap the interesting people you meet.

  7. Come Early, Come Often
    As you fill your brain with all sorts of new ideas, you may find yourself needing a space to collect your thoughts and connect them to the work that you are doing at your home institution.  Use the space as your home base and keep coming back whenever you need to regroup.

Keep In Touch

We’ll have a ton going on in the Speed Networking Lounge, but if there are tasks, activities and opportunities that you want to see in the space, let us know!  We want you to connect in a way that is impactful and easy, and welcome your feedback.