Making the Most of Your Virtual Conference Experience

We have heard time and again that the most valuable part of conferences is the informal conversation that occurs after an interesting session. To close the gap between virtual participants in distributed environments, we are creating a virtual event where participants can interact with presenters, talk to the Keynote speakers, and have conversations with other virtual attendees. The main Zoom room of OLC Live will be open for anyone, and it will be accessible both from the OLC website and via social media links.  In addition to all the sessions being offered as part of the OLC Innovate 2020 Virtual Conference, OLC Live will also have interviews with participants, speakers, and more! 


You will have the opportunity to stay deeply engaged in the sessions, activities and networking at #OLCInnovate as a Virtual Participant. One of the primary goals of the OLC Live! is to provide you with up-to-the minute information on the places and spaces where you can connect with the entire conference group.  The virtual sessions listed below come in a wide variety of formats and flavors, to include presentations, featured sessions, panels, and industry showcases.

Updated schedules for OLC Innovate 2020 Virtual Conference and OLC Live are in progress. Stay tuned for more information!

Use this key to help distinguish between special session types: 

Keynote Address Icon      Keynote Address
Featured Session / Town Hall Icon      Featured Session
Best in Strand Icon      Best In Track


Make sure to check out the Twitter feed (bottom-right column) to connect with other folks at the conference.

Ways to Connect Virtually

Streamed session quick links

Thank you for your patience as we re-work the program for this entirely virtual conference experience.

Meet the Committee Members

  • Terry Greene, Fleming College – OLC Live Co-Chair
  • Jonathan Lashley, Idaho State Board of Education – OLC Live Co-Chair