Developing Collaboration, Communication, and Presentation Skillsets Through Program Evaluation Video Assignments

Brief Abstract

This presentation covers the findings and examples of use after teaching courses that have students create a video presentation exercise which is developed, evaluated, and presented to other students and the faculty member.  Examples of student videos, successes, pitfalls, and best practices will all be discussed.


Eric Youn received his BA from the University of Houston in 1993. After seven years of work in the technology industry, he received his MSSW and Ph.D. in Social Work from The University of Texas at Arlington in 2003 and 2007 respectively. While there, he worked with a focus on serving at-risk youth. Dr. Youn has held various faculty positions at the University of Texas at Arlington, Texas Christian University, the University of Hawaii and has also served as a Visiting Professor at Thammasat University in Bangkok, Thailand. During that time, his research has focused around distance education. He has also served as a Case Manager for Thai victims of Human Trafficking at the Hawaii Immigrant Justice Center. Dr. Youn currently serves as a Contributing Faculty member at Walden University's School of Human Services. He maintains his research focus in distance education and has also expanded his interests to technology use for disabled individuals and housing options for senior citizens.

Extended Abstract

The Walden University PhD in Human Services curriculum incorporates a presentation exercise in which students create a narrated video presentation that focuses on a logic model based evaluation of a program of their choosing.  The exercise is spread among several weeks of assignments and incorporates the development of a rubric and small group evaluations in addition to the development and presenting of the video presentation.

This presentation illustrates the Blackboard integrated technology that allows students to create these video presentations as well as focusing on the best-practices identified in helping students develop the content and the professionalism of their presentation as well as the development of their rubrics and moderation of their group evaluations.

The issue of student rapport and connection development with other students in the online education environment has been a perpetual goal for online education institutions. Studies have shown that the more a student feels a rapport and connection with fellow classmates, the higher the chance of success and completion.  Real-world skillsets such as being able to present oneself and ideas professionally are also a desired component for almost all educational institutions.  The ability to develop these skillsets in the academic environment increases chances of success in the professional environment.

The well-being of the student can be associated with feelings of rapport and connectivity to fellow students.  The well-being of a student may also be associated with experience and confidence through skillsets development that will be of benefit and use to them in the professional sector. This presentation illustrates identified best practices that can develop these inter-student relationships and professional skillsets.  

Connection development plays a major role in this exercise that can lead to the well being of the student. There is an internal connection development among students as they create their evaluation rubric and then evaluate each others presentations in a collaborative format.  There is an illustrated connection development by the student in their graphic explanation of how components of their logic model relate to each other and lead to established goals for their program. There is a professional connection development between students and a mock stakeholder audience as students present their program evaluation.  All these connections play a role in developing the student's rapport with fellow classmates, their ability to indicate how multiple components of a program can work to attain desired goals, and developing professional skillsets...all of which may lead to a increased sense of well being as a student.   

Dr. Eric Youn has a long history with the study of students within the online-environment in order to identify the best practices in development of skillsets and attainment of educational goals.