Leading with Your Eyes Closed: Developing Your Intuitive Leadership Skills Through Self-Discipline and Mindfulness

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Brief Abstract

What is the hardest thing you have done to improve your Leadership? Cultivating the everchanging demands in leadership requires a culture of deeper connection between self and individuals.    Come “om” with us and learn routines that will transform your intuitive leadership practices through mindfulness and personal discipline.


I am an educator with over twenty five years experience in supporting professional development and curriculum for administrators, teachers, and students. I have experience as an Assistant Principal, Instructional Coach, and Professional Learning Facilitator. I value innovation, and forward thinking . Currently, I support elementary schools with site-based professional learning needs with efforts to improve student achievement via Professional Learning by coaching educators as they provide instruction to students. I am at the pulse of real hands-on classroom practices. In my role as an Assistant Principal of Instruction, I orient teachers with Common Core Standards, and Best Practices to enhance educator pedagogy. As a Pro Corps District Professional Development trainer, I provide extensive training for district Principals, Assistant Principals of Instruction, teachers and parents for local district, state and regional conferences. I provide strategic planning and provide progress monitoring effectiveness of trainings, instructional programs, curriculum implementation and district initiatives. As a PRIDE facilitator, I create and facilitate monthly sessions for content instruction and strategy assessment for educator improvement. While engaging large audiences up to three hundred participants, I use innovative and hands-on technology to support multimedia platforms for optimal audience participation. Use of interactive tools and applications on mobile devices ensure real-time data for immediate feedback during presentations and conferences. As a recent John Maxwell Certification Team Member I have expanded my coaching, trainer and consulting skills. Through ongoing collaboration with Thought Leaders and team members, I am able to target and outline next steps to advance growth through targeted practice.

Extended Abstract

Before we can lead others to personal growth be must first take time to develop our own discipline.  To many thought leaders, the price tag of leadership is self-discipline.  Everyone has the leadership role to regulate through self-discipline. However, developing and fostering discipline requires self-control.   The Greek definition of self-control means “to get a grip on oneself” which is easier said than done.  Personal questions to ponder:  What area of your life are you losing your grip?  What areas in your life could improve?   How can you shift from going “through” to going “to” mindset? All answers are grounded in your approach lead by discipline.    Parallel questions can be applied to self-development and professional leadership development through the practice of mindfulness and self-discipline. 


In this engaging exploratory session, we will explore and practice five practices to develop your self-leadership to springboard and deepen your professional development.  Participants learn pathways to intuition that will transform  leadership practices through mindfulness. “Hard work is the accumulation of easy things you didn’t do when you could have.”1   You may be working harder rather than smarter. Come “om” with us and learn routines that will transform your intuitive leadership practices through mindfulness and personal discipline.

1 John Maxwell, Developing the Leader Within You (Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers)


Levels of Participation:

This session involves hands on, minds on, bodies on as we use Yoga Mindfulness practices “Off the Mat” to explore ways to improve discipline.  Participants explore five practices to jump start self-discipline practices which lead to mind and body exercises that continue beyond the session.  The session will include simple mindful strategy practice and conclude with a five-minute focus and meditation.  A post session 10 day Challenge  helps participants to commit to the process of self-discipline and transformation.  Interactive live mobile link and group chat app will be used to connect members during and after session.  Participants are able to win “Managing off the Mat” prizes for Interaction during the session which are shown in real time throughout the session. 

Session Goals:

Individuals attending this exploratory session will leave with innovative strategies and supportive ways to use mindfulness to overcome the many challenges of self-discipline.  They will leave with a manageable process to bring awareness and structure to developing intuitive leadership of self to model and transfer to other areas of leadership presence and well-being currently and into the next twenty-five years and beyond.

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Professional Development and Support

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Express Workshop