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Come join other conference attendees online and create an OLC Innovate game plan. During these power hour sessions, you’ll have the chance to learn how to organize your conference schedule and select presentations and activities you want to attend. The OLC Field Guides will be there to suggest interesting presentations and virtual social activities, train you on the use of the OLC online conference venue and website, and point you to Engagement Maps. We’ll also discuss ways to participate in virtual chats during the conference via Slack.  Meet up with old friends, make new acquaintances, plan your schedule, while you grab breakfast in the comfort of your home.

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I am a multilingual educator, trainer and manager with over a decade of experience in online learning, specifically in online program administration, faculty development, and instructional design. I create meaningful and impactful online learning experiences for faculty and students. Also, I continuously search for ways to improve the way online courses and services are designed and delivered at our institution. Finally, I procure the adequate implementation, integration and use of the Ed-Tech solutions that support our online learning experiences, such as Zendesk, Evaluation Kit, Articulate 360, Labster, and RP Now.
Taylor Kendal is an educator, writer, designer, improviser, community developer, techno-philosopher and the Chief Program Officer at Learning Economy. His work with the U.S. Dept. of Education, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Library of Congress, MSU Denver, and CU Denver has led him to a lifelong love for education, innovation, design, and the cultivation of decentralized, future-focused networks. He holds an MA in Information Learning Technologies from CU Denver and has 20 years of experience in project/event management, digital/social strategy, instructional/LX design, culture-crafting, improvising, and systems-level hacking of post-secondary education. Taylor is currently focused on Web 3.0, digital ethics, bridging cultures of entrepreneurship and education, infusing agility and intellectual honesty into bureaucracy, learning from/traveling to distant lands (virtually and physically), exploring the future of education on blockchains, and occasionally writing to help make sense of it all. | @taykendesign |
Tracy Miller is the Assistant Director of the Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center at Northern Illinois University. At NIU she is responsible for operations, quality assurance, and compliance process and reporting for the center.
Laura Widenor serves as an instructional designer for Kansas State University Global Campus. Her primary responsibilities include assisting faculty in the design of online coursework, course reviews, and providing resources for best practices in online teaching. Prior to joining the K-State Global Campus, Laura acquired several years teaching experience in Idaho and held a variety of administrative positions in student life. Laura holds a Master's degree in Elementary Education, which she received through a hybrid online and on-campus program from University of Phoenix, Boise. She holds two certificates from the Online Learning Consortium in online teaching and instructional design and the Lamar University Advanced Graduate Certificate in Online Education.

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