The Way Forward: Building and Supporting Career-Ready and Diverse Students towards Careers in the Tech Industry

Equity and Inclusion Community College

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Brief Abstract

Under-represented students in computer coding face a barrier to entry in the Tech industry. Montgomery County Community College partnered with to increase student success for these students.

Extended Abstract

Female, African-American, Latino and other under-represented students in Computer Science coding classes often face a concrete barrier to career entry in the Tech industry. Coding jobs in the nation’s tech firms are often occupied by a narrow and less diverse set of employees. Overcoming that barrier begins with graduating more diverse students with exceptional coding skills.

Coding is not easy. At Montgomery County Community College (Montco) Dr. Kendall Martin has partnered with to increase the proportion of students obtaining better grades, persisting and ultimately graduating with a strong skillset worthy of competing successfully for these jobs. With the severe employment situation brought on by the COVID crisis, the tech sector is one place where skilled applicants have more opportunity.

In 30 years of teaching coding, it has become rewarding for Dr. Martin to partner with to assist her students at times when she’s not available.’s coding experts are available 24/7 on demand and students can connect to these tutors within seconds. Coding students are no different than other 2 year students: they have jobs they have families and they have personal obligations that may mean they are studying late at night. In the online classroom tutor and student collaborate towards improved coding, and do so within seconds even late at night.

Dr. Martin will highlight several areas of support she has received from One of course is the on demand tutoring her students receive. She will profile students who come from diverse backgrounds who have benefitted from her classes and the immediate support they received from She’ll also demonstrate the session data she has access to on the students in her classes through’s unique Client Portal. This on demand dashboard delivers learner analytics and early alerts keeping her on top of student progress. She will also share success metrics from these efforts.