Ranger Program

The OLC Ranger program is designed to enhance the conference experience for first-time conference attendees and anyone looking for additional networking opportunities at OLC conferences.

Innovation Studio

The heartbeat of exploration and conversations at OLC Innovate—although some may call it climbing to the summit to escape!

Campfire Gatherings

Join us at the Gaylord Rockies each evening (details coming soon) for Campfire Gatherings. After the days events (and with ample time for you to go grab dinner first), we will be hosting themed get-togethers as a venue to meet with friends, start up new collaborations, or just unwind from a day packed with innovative ideas.

Diversity, Inclusion, & Accessibility

Many of us in education are engaged in work that seeks to create and promote diverse and inclusive learning environments. The Diversity & Inclusion Committee aims to leverage that knowledge and passion to elevate the OLC Innovate conference experience.

Ranger Talk-abouts

A healthy new opportunity for exchanging big ideas on the move, networking with colleagues, all while absorbing some much needed Denver sunshine. Join OLC Rangers for a daily escape and themed discussion as we look to take a break from traditional sessions and collectively exercise our bodies and minds.

Presenter Services

OLC Presenter Services is dedicated to enhancing the conference experience for all attendees by offering specialized coaching to presenters. Our goal is to offer guidance on best practices in audience engagement strategies, slide design, and delivery skills necessary to ensure a successful conference session.

Speed Networking Lounge

The Speed Networking Lounge is an informal conversation space that allows participants to connect with fellow attendees and collaboratively explore emerging digital pedagogy.

Virtual Experience

The best part of any conference are the informal conversations that occur in the hallways after an interesting session and at the end of the day. To close the gap between virtual and in-person attendance, we are creating a virtual lounge where participants can ask follow up questions of presenters, talk to the Keynote speakers, and have conversations with other virtual attendees.

Sneaky Cards

During OLC Innovate, your mission, should you accept it, might involve taking selfies with complete strangers. You may be challenged to continue the world’s largest game of tag! Maybe it’s time for you to construct an origami sculpture? Or this might be an opportunity to spread joy to others in surprising ways. Upon completing your Sneaky Cards mission, you get to pass on your challenge, “play it forward,” so to speak. Join us and see what surprises are in store!

It’s a card game that challenges you to complete social objectives of Seeking, Sneaking, Creating, Thinking, Caring, and Engaging. It is most fun when played in unsuspecting large groups. If desired, players can record and track the progress of each card through the Sneaky Cards website.