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Can I bring a group of my colleagues with me to the lounge?

Of course!  The Speed Networking Lounge is your perfect location for you and your colleagues to meet others!

But what if I am attending the conference on my own? Is the space for solo visitors too?

This space was MADE for those coming by on their own.  Simply stop by on your own to meet other attendees looking to meet, chat, connect and (hopefully) keep in touch!  You can also engage with some of the participants asynchronously with interactive spaces and puzzles that will remain in the space for you to start and others to finish.  Best of all, even if you don’t come with a group, you can also invite new people that you’ve met throughout the conference to meet up later in the space.

Keep In Touch

We’ll have a ton going on in the Speed Networking Lounge, but if there are tasks, activities and opportunities that you want to see in the space, let us know!  We want you to connect in a way that is impactful and easy, and welcome your feedback.


Lounge Uses

More information coming soon!

When should I come by?

More information coming soon!