Audio Use as a Pedagogical Strategy and Tool

Concurrent Session 7

Session Materials

Brief Abstract

The use of audio in teaching is a ubiquitous activity, yet there is very little published in the pedagogical literature about the use of audio for teaching. We will discuss current trends and resources for using audio in teaching, and outline best practices and strategies for audio creation and use.   


Garry is the Coordinator of Strategic Initiatives and Outreach for the Office of Instruction and Assessment at the University of Arizona. He coordinates marketing and outreach activities, as well as supporting grant writing activities for OIA. He also participates in project management, client negotiation and contract management.

Extended Abstract

Podcasts, audio books, student assignments that include creating audio files, free tools for recording and editing audio, the portability and convenience of using audio for instruction.  These are all aspects of audio only files that most of us are familiar with, however, there is not a lot written in the scholarly teaching realm about how to effective use audio for teaching, choosing the right audio files, and how to evaluate student work that is submitted as audio files.

We will discuss the present state of audio as a teaching tool, provide advice on best practices and tips and tools on finding and using audio for instruction.  The current state of audio books as a sector of the publishing market is considerable and growing.  Taking notes with even ebooks is fairly straight forward, but with audio books used as the text book it can be a bit tricky.  We will look at ways you and your students can optimize the learning experience when using audio files as your supporting text book.