Innovation Newly Weds: Team solutions for Innovation Success

Concurrent Session 1

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Brief Abstract

Innovating in Higher Education can feel like a challenging obstacle course, demanding determination, grit, and optimism of Educational Technology teams. I mimic the format of a game show to isolate political struggles, confront implementation obstacles, and identify solutions and approaches to new tools and innovative success.


Corri Nicoletti is a Technical Support Analyst at Lumen Learning. She focuses on technology integrations as well as LMS and product support. She is an innovative thinker who loves coming up with bright new ideas, working in collaborative environments, and helping faculty integrate, navigate and master educational technologies. Corri works closely with the Lumen team to provide support and optimize the use of Lumen's products for faculty and students alike.

Extended Abstract

Great minds think alike…and when it comes to innovation, setting a mindset is a great way to get started. Innovative thinking meets the Newly Wed Game!! Participants will be presented with a conflict and have a moment jot down a solution on a dry erase board. Hopefully, you match!

In a game show format, this innovative learning approach will allow teams or small break out groups to interact with 6 categories of familiar obstacle’s commonly faced with implementing innovative practices including leadership, strategy, management, process, culture and wild card.

Conflicts to identify familiar hurdles including cost, accessibility, stakeholder buy-in, faculty and student response, change culture, training and staff snafus. The emerging ideas format will allow for ideas to ignite in a collaborative atmosphere.

Deliverables will include a summary of game situations and potential solutions with room for annotations, an infographic of the Innovation pursuit categories (5 pillars of Innovation adapted from ) and a tool Evaluation Rubric (adapted from Western University: )