Using Smart Board for Online Interactive Learning

Concurrent Session 7

Brief Abstract

Participants learn to apply basic and advanced tools with Smartboard software including the ‘Magic Pen’ and Spotlight functions. Innovative applications of Smartboard software demonstrate how traditional F2F functions translate to Online interaction using screen sharing technologies.
Participants share ideas, Breakout groups will Pair&Share, creating lessons saved to Google Drive.


I have studied and participated in the business of Communication for over 40 years. Technically I am a digital immigrant, but my professional, educational and personal interests have kept me captivated and informed with hands-on, experiential environments of educational technology. From working in broadcast television, Advertising, Print, Radio and Education, my offerings to any audience stems from authentic, hands-on, application for the concepts, tools, and tricks that I introduce through informative, easily understood and entertaining manner. As an entrepreneur, I owned and operated Aesop Video Productions, (Where Stories Begin) for ten years, success driven by the concept that if I educated the client, they will keep coming back for more. For the past 20 plus years, I have been a fundamental force in the formation and delivery of strategies and function of online course development at Indian River State College, where today I educate Staff, Faculty, and Administration in technology needs. I have survived and thrived through three Learning Management Systems within our Institution, including WebCT, Angel and Blackboard. This past year, my team and I received a Blackboard Catalyst Award for Professional Development, merited for exceptional delivery for a course called Virtual Campus Instructor Training or "VCIT" for short. I also teach pre-service students in Educational Technology courses, as well as shepherd new students through the perils of SLS1101 Student Success courses in both the Online and F2F Learning Environments. I am a lifelong learner, I have to be. I work and live in the ever-evolving world of technology, teaching and learning.

Extended Abstract

This engaging and interactive workshop reaches into a training space that few higher educational professionals ever have the opportunity to explore. When Smartboard is mentioned, the first knee-jerk reaction is "Call a K-12 instructor!" to learn how to use it! That story is changing, one interactive lesson at a time, to the benefit of what students saw in K-12 and is moving into the Higher Ed Classroom and even beyond to the visceral and untethered environment of interactive, online learning experiences. 
Through various modes of direct teaching, hands-on demonstrations and relative discussions, the first 40 minute portion of this workshop presents the basics of how Smartboard activity tools can be utilized in the F2F teaching environment. Series of videos will demonstrate phenomenal interactive experiences for students, shouting and competing during the F2F classes using the compelling racing games, quiz games and testing tools that can be accessed through use of Smartboard Technologies. During this phase, assessments will be introduced using Smartboard Software components that enable participants to utilize their own electronic devices. Use of Laptops, Cellphones, tablets, IPads and any other devices with internet capability will encouraged. Informal assessment of the content being presented, polling functionality, and creative ‘ShoutOut” activities that include posting of text or pictures to the ‘big screen’ of participants and newly formed partners for Pair and Share activities will be introduced.

During this time, a ‘webinar’ format of presentation will be shared via a ‘guest link’ in a shared Google Drive.

Once engaged in the ‘Online’ presence, participants will now see the ‘Instructor’s screen, as well as their own ‘Interactive’ additions to the instructors screen, being sent via the Online component of activity. Thus, Interaction via student participation during a lesson in an Online course is experienced. Can you hear the OOOHs and Ahhh’s now?

The second phase (20 min.) will present opportunity to Pair up in small groups. Access to a Shared, Google Drive document is presented, where small groups will present to each other lesson plans created from the simple lesson plan that has been shared via the same Google Drive. Completed plans are then uploaded to the same Google Drive.

The third component of the session brings the participants back to the group focus. Presentation of Lesson plans are made via the Google Drive by small groups who created them. (20 min).

Question and Answer period follows, with wrap-up and shared email/lessons and personal connections.(10 min).
Upon completion of the Smart Board Training Experience, participants will be able to:
1. Identify Tools on the Smart Board Interface
2. Explain and Describe tool functions
3. Apply advance techniques for interactive online learning strategies
4. Combine the tools and instructional content to create authentic and engaging learning environments for both Face to Face and Online Learning Environments.
5. Associate/network with like minded professionals


Materials Needed for Presenter -
This presenter (I) will have my own laptop with the Smartboard Software installed.
I can bring my own projector if needed, however ideally there is a projector and Internet on site.

Who should attend?
Ideally, anyone who already has access to Smartboard license agreements on their campus, or anyone who intends to explore the possibilities of using a Smartboard on their campus. Information and General pricing of Smartboards, Smart Podiums and various options will be included in discussions.
* Team members of the Best voted Lesson Plan will receive a free “Pointer” to be used with the Smartboard. On my campus, we more than 75 faculty have received these ‘sponge ball’ pointers that alleviate the ‘smudging’ of fingers across the Smartboard…at a mere cost of just 3.25 per item to any budget.

I look forward to disusing this innovative plan of combining traditionally ‘F2F’ hardware and software into an exciting combination of Online, interactive and highly participatory experience for all.
Thank you for the Opportunity to submit.
Michael Pelitera
772-418-1325 Cell
772-462-7734 office