Administrative Hurdles & The Implementation Process: Leading Innovation Efforts For Online Student Success

Concurrent Session 5

Brief Abstract

Learn how Lamar University overcame administrative hurdles and the implementation process when launching two online initiatives, Student Success Workshops and Online Orientation for Distance Learners.


Dr. Teresa E. Simpson is the current Special Assistant to the COEDHD Dean for Student Success and Clinical Instructor for Educational Leadership. Dr. Simpson has spent 19 years in the field of education with ever expanding leadership roles. The last 13 years have been serving in leadership roles both in Student and Academic Affairs at Lamar University. Currently she serves as a full-time faculty in the Center for Doctoral Studies in Educational Leadership. In addition to teaching courses in the doctoral program, she serves as the Special Assistant to the Dean for Student Retention & Success as well as developing the enrollment management strategic plan for the College and University.

Extended Abstract

Sit down with a Regional 4-year State University as they lead the conversation on how they overcame administrative hurdles and the Implementation Process when recently launching two Innovative Online Student Success Courses. Working with strategically with Innovative Educators, Lamar University has launched an innovative platform for Online Career Courses: Cardinal Ready: Student Success and Online Orientation for Distance Learners.

Dr. Brenda Nichols, Vice Provost and Dr. Teresa Simpson, Clinical Instructor for EdLD and Special Assist to the COEDHD Dean for Student Success worked together along with Innovative Educators, and their Peers on their campus in: the Center for Distance Education, Blackboard, Office of Student Retention and Success, Division of Institutional Technology, Office of Institutional Research, Division of Enrollment Management to launch two new Online Student Success Courses. Learn from these leaders on the how they were able to overcome the administrative hurdles and the Implementation Process to offer these courses within a year, the data they are collecting and how they seek to use the data from the completion of these courses to show how early engagement with Online Learners through Cohort Enrollment Increases Student Enrollment, Retention and Success.