Increase Your Impact With The Right Partner In Digital Learning

Concurrent Session 1

Brief Abstract

Learn how your organization can benefit from finding a technology partner instead of just a vendor.


Geoff Horsfall is Remote-Learner's Senior Project Manager. He has spent his entire career working in educational content and technology, spanning preschool to adult learners. In his current role, Geoff is responsible for communicating the needs of educators to our development team, determining the development specifications and timelines to address those needs, and then communicating completed development efforts back to educators through a range of marketing strategies.
Cheryl Fulghum oversees the department of Instructional Design and Online Learning at Haywood Community College in western North Carolina. In this role, she is responsible for instructional design through faculty development, online course design, emerging technologies research, accessibility compliance, and the administrations of several learning platforms. She describes her main role as faculty cheerleader, empowering faculty to become 21st century teachers despite self-identified low-tech skills and fear of the unknown. Prior to her work in the online learning field, she served as full-time faculty in the commercial arts and worked as project manager and media content creator for Shadowbox Design, an educational technology company specializing in online ancillaries for higher education textbook publishers. She has degrees in Broadcast Communications, Journalism, and Educational Media: Curriculum and Instruction.

Extended Abstract

If the dialog with a technology provider about your vision and goals for digital learning ends after a financial transaction, then a golden opportunity has been missed. This session will show you how the right partner can help you make a bigger impact by tailoring your digital learning solution to your specific needs and goals - after the contract has been signed. By prioritizing shared expertise, an open line of communication, and a common passion for your success, you can be assured of having a partner who understands where your solution is, where it’s been, and where it needs to go for your vision to be realized. The session will draw on real-world examples from the 7 year partnership between Remote-Learner and Haywood Community College.