An Ally For Creating An Accessible Environment And Enabling Student Success

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Brief Abstract

Blackboard Ally is a revolutionary product that focuses on making digital course content more accessible and integrates seamlessly into your LMS.

Extended Abstract

Students, instructors and institutions are faced with challenges today when it comes to accessibility in education. One key to student success lies in creating an accessible and inclusive environment that considers the needs of all learners. As technology tools continue to improve and increase the ability for students to interact outside of the physical classroom, it is important to consider each point of the student lifecycle journey to ensure it is accessible and inclusive.

As you begin preparing for your upcoming courses, how much are you thinking about the accessibility of your digital materials? Making sure your digital course environment is accessible for students with disabilities is essential, but did you know more accessible content can benefit all of your students?

Come discuss and learn different ways that you can start thinking more inclusively and use tools and strategies to help create a more accessible environment for your students. Hear about the ways Blackboard Ally helps instructors more easily identify and correct accessibility issues with their course content, as well as some practical strategies for using Ally’s “Alternative Formats” of course files to activate Universal Design for Learning principles. We’ll share stories and insights from the colleges and universities currently using Ally across the globe to help make their learning environments more inclusive.

Takeaways for the audience:

  • Learn about simple accessibility strategies and the different ways accessible content can benefit all learners.
  • Learn about Blackboard Ally, and how alternative formats of course files promote Universal Design for Learning guidelines.
  • Discover simple strategies and tips to improve content accessibility and integrate UDL guidelines in your courses