Bringing STEM Courseware Materials Online With Measurable Results

Concurrent Session 6

Brief Abstract

Learn how the University of Waterloo’s use of Mobius Courseware has finally allowed for the deployment of pedagogically-effective online STEM materials. DFW rates are down, grades are up, and the creation and maintenance of digital assets is easier than ever before.


Andrew Rourke is the Director of the Teaching Solutions Group at DigitalEd. For over 20 years, Andrew has served higher education by acting as a bridge between the technology and education communities. During that time he has become a trusted advisor to both instructors and administrators, helping them make use of technology tools for online course delivery, testing and assessment, and in-class instruction. Andrew regularly shares his passion for education technologies by speaking worldwide at conferences and post-secondary campuses in support of the wide range of objectives within the academic community.

Extended Abstract

 For years the University of Waterloo struggled with a challenging environment in which to bring STEM courseware materials online. How to author and maintain digital assets for 26 different calculus options?

How to collect empirical evidence that students were learning online (supporting evidence for specific changes)? How to offer students an environment that could generate, auto-grade and offer immediate feedback on open-ended problems? How to provide engaging materials on mobile devices and in an accessible environment?

A further realization laid bare that their toolset wasn’t allowing for anything remotely close to a solution that could be considered pedagogically effective.

Waterloo’s response to these challenges and struggles was the adoption of the Mobius Courseware platform for the development and deployment of a wide range of their STEM-based courses.

Attendees to this session will learn more about Waterloo’s challenges, and DigitalEd’s solutions. Results will be shared including DFW rates, class averages and more.