Expect to be actively involved in sessions at the conference, with unique presentation formats designed to encourage deep thinking and engagement.

Featured Sessions

Before each OLC conference, steering committee members, with ample input from OLC leadership, reach out to the best and brightest in the field of online learning to invite them to present their work and ideas at our conference. These featured speakers have been selected to present at this conference because of the innovative way they are changing online, digital, and blended learning for all learners.

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Career Forum Roundtables

In these sessions, educators from different roles and stakeholders come together to address a critical issue, challenge, or opportunity in the field. As an attendee, you’ll have opportunities to join the discussion and engage with panelists.

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Conversation, Not Presentation

Dive into conversations addressing challenges and dilemmas in the field of online, blended, and digital learning through games and discussions. Presenters will invite you to share your ideas, reactions, and experiences throughout the session.

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Discovery Sessions

Exchange ideas and make new points of connection with presenters on your own time throughout the conference with these virtual asynchronous and face-to-face “electronic poster” style sessions.

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Education Sessions

Learn about online, blended, and digital learning innovations and practical ways to apply them to your work from thought leaders in the field. Expect polls, audience discussions, and more.

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Industry Showcases

These highly interactive sessions showcase how a new technology or product can help solve real-world problems educators and institutions face.

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Innovation Studio Design Thinking Challenges

Experiment with a specific challenge, pedagogical strategy, or research method in a collaborative maker space. In these 45-minute sessions, you will be presented with a challenge and work together with other attendees to propose a solution.

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Master Classes

Dig deeper into a topic in these hands-on, experiential sessions. You will have multiple opportunities to collaborate and participate in meaningful activities with other attendees within these sessions.

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Take a deep dive into critical topics like blended learning, research, and more with thought leaders in digital, online, and blended education. Presenters will drive a conversation that encourages deep thinking about the topic and practical applications for your work.

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Dive deeper into a specific topic and collaborate with other attendees. Workshop sessions at OLC Innovate provide tangible information you can immediately apply to your work.

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