A very special welcome to OLC Innovate 2022! We invite you to join us in a newly reimagined version of the conference that offers flexible pathways for participation. This year’s OLC Innovate conference will take place both virtually (March 28-April 1, 2022) and onsite in Dallas, Texas at the Gaylord Texan (April 11-14, 2022).

This fall brought us an opportunity to try out the many ideas, modifications and improvements in blended and online learning from the past year. We feel that this is the time for us to work collaboratively and build up a wealth of best practices so we can better serve our students, our disciplines, and the field of digital and online learning. We look forward to continuing to share more about online and digital learning and what innovation means to us as the Innovate 2022 event develops over the next several months. Whether this is your first OLC Innovate or your fifth, we are looking forward to collaborating with each of you over the next months as we count down to a great conference event together!

This year we are excited to offer a host of deep-dive experiences through our Summits, including the following topics: Blended Learning, Community College, HBCU, Instructional Design, OLC Leadership Network Event, and Research.

We’re excited to share the full nine presentation tracks with you for OLC Innovate 2022 below: 

  • Blended Teaching and Learning
  • Career and Technical Education
  • Instructional Technologies and Tools
  • Leadership and Advocacy
  • Open Learning
  • Process, Problems, and Practices
  • Research: Designs, Methods, and Findings
  • Teaching and Learning Practice

OLC presenters go through a rigorous three-stage, double-blind review process upon conference proposal submission. Acceptance to present at OLC Innovate is competitive and is a great accomplishment. Tracks shown above have a limited number of slots available to fill, determined based on the formats available within our presentations for Innovate. Presentation formats for this year’s call for proposals included: 

  • Education Session
  • Career Forum Roundtable
  • Conversation, Not Presentation
  • Discovery Session
  • Graduate Student Discovery Session
  • Innovation Studio Design Thinking Challenge
  • Workshop

If you’re presenting at OLC Innovate 2022 this year, it’s never too early to review our Presenter FAQs and other excellent resources from our Presenter Services team. We have built out helpful guides to assist you with developing the best virtual presentation possible, and you’ll even have an opportunity to sign up to meet with one of our amazing, well-versed Innovate Presenter Services Mentors as we near the conference time. 

We truly believe that OLC Innovate is a great chance to share and learn about innovations in research, practice, and technologies, as we continue to blend practices for hybrid and fully online programs. We’re excited to reconnect with you virtually and in Dallas, Texas for OLC Innovate 2022!

Kind Regards, 

The OLC Innovate 2022 Program Chairs

Nicole Hudson and Laura Widenor

Nicole Hudson  

Program Chair

Nicole Hudson
University of Las Vegas, NV (UNLV)

Laura Widenor   

Program Chair

Laura Widenor
Boise State University