Everyone needs a break and time to decompress when at a large conference. Take advantage of the opportunities to unplug and refocus.

During the conference, join us here for some quiet time to decompress, reconnect mind and body, and practice self-care as we turn our focus inward for a few brief moments. Mindfulness has been defined as a practice of “bringing one’s attention to the internal and external experiences occurring in the present moment” (Baer, 2003). Meditation practice can enhance communication, empathy, equanimity and interpersonal relationships (Seema & Kumar, 2019) and even brief periods of meditation can have beneficial effects (Kirby et al.., 2020). Join Clark Shah-Nelson for live mindful meditations during the times below. These sessions will be geared toward grounding ourselves in the present moment, centering ourselves through observation of the breath and bodily sensations to raise our consciousness so that we can experience the OLC Accelerate Conference in a healthy and present way together.

Guided Meditation Sessions During the Conference

Please join us for live guided meditation sessions virtually with Clark:

    Asynchronous Sanctuary

    Clark has also provided a few short meditations for conference attendees to use any time. 

    Energizing Pump Breath


    Energizing Breath of Fire


    Calming Ujjayi Pranayama Breath


    Shoulder Stretch




    Meditation – Metta


    Additionally, feel free to take advantage of these other self-guided wellness resources. The below list is by no means exhaustive nor are any endorsed by OLC, but represents just a collection of resources that you may find helpful.



    Wellness Video Playlists

    Music Playlists (Spotify)

    Meditation Apps

    Additional Resources

    More Meditation Videos

    • Gentle water flow, birds


    • Ocean flow


    • Rainforest, birds, no music