PowerPoint - Advanced Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

Workshop Session 2

Brief Abstract

This workshop presents advanced techniques for visual storytelling by designing clear and compelling PowerPoint slides in new and creative ways to create amazing transitions and interactions. This hands-on workshop explores advanced interactions to create a fully interactive slideshow that will engage students. Participants should bring their laptops with PowerPoint. 


Dr Sean Nufer is the Director of Teaching and Learning at TCS Education System, and an associate adjunct professor at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and Pacific Oaks College.

Extended Abstract

Many people have heard the term "death by PowerPoint." which has come to represent unsightly slides full of text with no visual appeal. Bland presentations often fail to engage the audiences. Sometimes people try to search for alternative tools, but the PowerPoint platform is often not the issue - the issue is that content creators need inspiration and skills to be able to create slideshows with compelling visual elements and clear structure that tell a story and help their learners to understand and master the presented content.

This workshop will inspire you to revisit PowerPoint with a fresh perspective and explore features and techniques that you have never considered. You will learn how to make dynamic title slide and transition effects, create interactive and animated branching scenarios, use the morph function in a myriad of applications, design multimedia and interactive hotspot slides, design hand-drawn lettering, explore video applications and elements, and more. This will be a fast-paced session with a wealth of opportunities for application (and inspiration). Throughout the session, we will be working together to create a PowerPoint template full of dynamic interactions. 

In this session, you will learn:

  • Advanced features and techniques for creating compelling PowerPoint slides and shows
  • Various applications for the PowerPoint morph tool
  • How to create amazing transitions, slide effects, and title sequences
  • How to incorporate advanced video elements into their slideshows

Dr. Sean Nufer is the Senior Director of Teaching and Learning at TCS Education System, a current Canvas Educator of the Year, and recipient of the Online Learning Consortium 2020 Excellence and Innovation in Online Teaching Award and the OLC 2021 Effective Practice Award.