How to Escape Online Learning Pitfalls: A Virtual Escape Room on Asynchronous Engagement

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Brief Abstract

A presentation with a custom-made, editable virtual escape room about the effectiveness of engagement and available tools in higher education.  After a brief discussion on the pedagogy behind engagement, attendees will participate in an escape room with the expectation to complete the activities provided, which explore different aspects and methods common in asynchronous online learning.

Extended Abstract

If you’ve ever participated in an escape room, you know the feeling of engagement when solving puzzles and fulfillment upon completing each one. Your students feel the same way! In this session, we want you to come ready to engage with a custom virtual escape room. This virtual escape room will give you a medium to digitally enhance case studies, discussion board, group work, video lectures and other course resources. This session will take aspects of common asynchronous class design with information on engagement, place them in an escape room, then have them as distributables at the end of the session for editing and re-use. Question and answer throughout and at the end of session for other uses and design considerations.

Expect to takeaway anything and everything you see today. In addition to an understanding of interactives, engagement and their application in the virtual classroom, you can expect to walk away with a copy of the templated escape room.