Using Data Driven Communication: Targeted Messaging That Proactively Supports Student Success in First Year Mathematics Courses at Scale

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Brief Abstract

Proactive and personalized support is essential to online student success. In this session, attendees will learn about the impact that targeted messaging can have on a student’s sense of belonging in their course, early engagement with course materials, and tendency to utilize support resources.

Extended Abstract

Online students can feel isolated and be less likely to seek out or engage with resources available to them. For online students in first year mathematics courses the barrier to engagement can often be higher due to math anxiety and fear of asking questions or for help. In this session we will showcase messaging strategies implemented to engage and support online first year mathematics students to connect them to resources, support communities and foster course engagement. We will also discuss how data driven messaging and how personalized, targeted messaging can provide a sense that an individual is invested in their well being. Attendees will reflect on what kind of messages could help their students, discuss their thoughts about whether nudging is effective, and share ideas on how to create connections for online students. Takeaways will include ideas and strategies for nudging student behavior with targeted messages, including:

  • Using mail merge grouping to send targeted messages from Outlook or Gmail (can individualize)

  • Cohort message grouping in LMS (not as individualized)

  • Using formatted announcements