Connect, Engage and Inspire All Learners at Scale with Standardized Multiple-solution Technology

Concurrent Session 3

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Brief Abstract

As institutions increasingly expand hybrid and blended learning options, educators must innovate and adapt to meet students where they are. During this session, participants will get an immersive, hands-on experiential demonstration of how Nearpod’s multiple-solution platform allows educators to create interactive lessons and improve engagement across multiple modalities.


Based in Ohio with over a decade of experience in educational technology. I am passionate about my personal relationships, lifelong learning, and staying healthy.

Extended Abstract

The call for colleges and universities to meet students where they are and effectively serve them across multiple modalities continues to grow quickly. The pandemic acted as a catalyst for institutions to adapt to hybrid, HyFlex, and blended environments for their learners. This shift in learning environments requires educators to innovate and adapt teaching practices and technologies while not sacrificing learner performance.

Regardless of participation mode, maintaining consistent pedagogies, supporting equivalent learning outcomes, and hearing from all students are often top of mind for educators promoting equity and inclusion in the classroom. Implementing multiple-solution engagement tools, like Nearpod, enable instructors to both reach their students and ensure their voices are heard through interactive slides, dynamic media, formative assessments, and more.

During this immersive, hands-on experiential demonstration, Higher Education Account Manager, Kevin Pridemore will illustrate a successful hybrid instructional experience highlighting the proven Nearpod multiple-solution platform. Mr. Pridemore will share classroom examples and strategies to increase participation, unlock learning insights, and improve student and course outcomes across online, in-person, and asynchronous settings.