OLC Quality Scorecard:  
Criteria for Excellence in the Administration of Online Programs

The concept of ‘quality’ in online education can be elusive and complex. Nevertheless, educators continue to seek out ideal learning environments and share effective practices for advancing quality. Through a collaborative effort of several dozen seasoned online educators, the OLC Scorecard continues to advance the field, simplifying the steps needed to identify, measure and quantify elements of quality within an online education program. OLC members will learn how to apply Quality Scorecard metrics, uncover and evaluate quality indicators in key categories, and consider thoughtful recommendations for implementation. Categories Include:

scorecard screenshot

  • Institutional Support
  • Technology Support
  • Course Development / Instructional Design
  • Course Structure
  • Teaching & Learning
  • Social and Student Engagement
  • Faculty Support
  • Student Support
  • Evaluations & Assessment

By using the OLC Scorecard an administrator – regardless of size or type of institution – can determine strengths and weaknesses of their program, and initiate planning efforts towards areas of improvement. It can also be used to demonstrate elements of quality within the program, as well as an overall level of quality, to higher education accrediting bodies.

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After 3 years of user study and feedback, the OLC Quality Scorecard now has more indicators (75), a higher score potential and includes a scoring rubric in the updated handbook. Institutional Members have access to the interactive scorecard and can download the pdf handbook for free. The 2-page downloadable rubric of indicators is free to all. Fill out the form to the right to receive the download.

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Upgrades to the interactive tool provide clarity and eliminate redundancy, along with making the tool more robust and easier to use. Improvements include the ability to add co-authors for collaboration and a cleaner interface. The Quality Scorecard now includes indicators which address budget, including financial and people resources, plus unlimited file uploads for supporting documents. The interactive version of the Quality Scorecard is available to Institutional Members. OLC Institutional Members may use this tool as part of their membership to measure and quantify strengths and weaknesses of online programs:
  • Evaluate your online programs
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Prove the level of quality of programs to accrediting bodies
  • Includes a free downloadable handbook for OLC Institutional Members
  • 6-page downloadable scorecard is free to all (form on right)


As more institutions have adopted the Scorecard, there have been requests for “official reviews” of the Quality Scorecard by the Online Learning Consortium. Now, for an introductory price of $7,500, OLC will provide an official Scorecard review by three trained evaluators to assess your submission.


After self-scoring with the Scorecard, the program administrator develops justifications and submits documenting artifacts that are placed inside the OLC online repository (available to OLC institutional members). Trained Scorecard reviewers virtually examine each score, justification, and artifact and certify that each quality indicator was scored correctly. This process includes a report prepared for the institution with recommendations for possible improvements if applicable. For programs that score 202 points or more after the “official review”, they will be awarded an Online Learning Consortium Exemplary Program logo that may be displayed on their website and other materials. Both virtual and on-site consultation are also available in order to ensure program administrators understand each of the Quality Scorecard indicators as well as the minimum requirements of each indicator. A professional service fee of $250/hour or $2,500/day plus travel expenses will be assessed for virtual and on-site consultation.


As more institutions have adopted the Scorecard, there have been requests for “official reviews” of the Quality Scorecard by the Online Learning Consortium. Now, for an introductory price of $7,500, OLC will provide an official Scorecard review by three trained evaluators to assess your submission. OLC Institutional Members currently being officially reviewed include:

West Georgia Technical College
Texas Tech University

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The OLC Quality Scorecard is now being utilized by institutions all over the United States and Latin America. Online education program administrators are finding that by using the Scorecard for quality evaluation, they are able to develop strategic objectives for program improvement and demonstrate to accrediting bodies the breadth of quality in program administration. OLC Institutional Members currently using the Quality Scorecard include:

Adler School of Professional Psychology
Butler University
Cabarrus College of Health Sciences
California University of Pennsylvania
Clayton State University
Excelsior College
Golden Gate University-San Francisco
Illinois Institute of Technology
Johns Hopkins University
Louisiana State University – Baton Rouge
North Carolina State University
San Jose State University
Southern Arkansas University
University of Alabama at Birmingham
University of Alaska Anchorage
University of Alaska Fairbanks
University of Central Missouri
University of Maryland University College
Utah State University
West Georgia Technical College



Southwestern College is an institution with a long history of focus on quality and continuous improvement.  When the Online Learning Consortium Quality Scorecard became available, we elected to run our online program ‘through its paces.’  We built our program using the foundations from “Quality on the Line,” but after ten years we wanted to ensure that a focus on quality was still central.  What we learned provided opportunities for us to improve.  The ultimate recipients of our improvement were the learners we serve.  I would encourage any institution that takes its learner-centeredness seriously to deploy the OLC Quality Scorecard.

Dick Merriman, Ph.D., President – Southwestern College