Quality Scorecard 2014: Criteria for Excellence in the Administration of Online Programs - Available summer 2014

The Quality Scorecard full access and use is an OLC Institutional Member benefit. If you are not an Institutional Member, click here to learn more about membership and to register. The current scorecard is still available for use by OLC Institutional Members. Version 2 will be available in the summer 2014. 

For more information about the Quality Scorecard contact us at qs@onlinelearning-c.org.

The OLC Quality Scorecard for Online Programs (QSC) is an easy-to-use process for measuring and quantifying elements of quality within online programs in higher education. By evaluating each of the respective quality indicators within the established nine categories, an administrator of online programs can determine strengths and weaknesses of their program. The results of this tool identify program weaknesses that can be used to support program improvement and strategic planning initiatives. The Quality Scorecard could also be used to demonstrate to accrediting bodies, elements of quality within the program as well as an overall level of quality.

The Quality Scorecard (version 2) contains 75 unique quality indicators--each indicator is worth up to three points. The administrator will determine at what level their program meets the intent of the quality indicator after examining all procedures and processes. The following describes each point value.

  • 0 points = Not Observed. The administrator does not observe any indications of the quality standard in place.
  • 1 point = Insufficiently Observed. The administrator has found a slight existence of the quality standard in place. Much improvement is still needed in this area.
  • 2 points = Moderate Use. The administrator has found there to be moderate use of the quality standard. Some improvement is still needed in this area.
  • 3 points = Meets Criterion Completely. The administrator has found that the quality standard is being fully implemented and there is no need for improvement in this area.

The Quality Scorecard is versatile enough to be used to demonstrate the overall quality of online programs, no matter what size or type of institution. The following steps for use and implementation are suggested that will yield a measurable result:

The Quality Scorecard (version 1, 2010) was originally developed through a 6 month Delphi study involving 43 experts in online education administration (83% had more than nine years of experience). The Scorecard (version 2, 2014) was modified using a portion of the expert panelists, based upon three years of feedback, and changes in the field. The order of quality indicators for each category does not, in any way, imply rank of importance.

The Quality Scorecard contains adaptations of the 24 quality standards identified by the Institute for Higher Education Policy report, Quality on the Line: Benchmarks for Success in Internet-based Distance Education (2000).

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