OLC Workshops

OLC provides the full-range of workshops to meet all of your faculty and staff online teaching and learning needs. Each workshop is developed by practitioners for practitioners and enable thousands of colleagues worldwide to collaborate cost effectively with peers and experts, via real-time and asynchronous meetings. 

Workshop Program
Workshops formats include 3- week asynchronous, 7-day asynchronous, 3-day asynchronous, and and 4-hour synchronous sessions. All workshops include opportunities to interact with experts and peers in order to enhance your workshop experience. The estimated time to complete activities in each workshop (excluding 3-week) is approximately 6 hours if you are taking the workshop for an Award of Completion.  These estimates are based on your initial skills and knowledge entering the event.


Workshop Prices
Pricing for all workshops has been made simpler and even more affordable for both OLC members and non-members. OLC members will automatically get the member workshop price when registering for all workshops*. College Pass holders can still use College Pass coupons for all workshops (one coupon is used for each workshop).

  • 3-week workshops:  Member Price - $450; Non-Member Price - $599; or 3 College Pass Coupons
  • 7-day workshops: Member Price – $169;  Non-Member Price - $269; or 1 College Pass Coupon
  • 3-day and 4-hour workshops: Member Price – $149; Non-Member Price – $249; or 1 College Pass Coupon
  • Each College Pass = 1 Coupon

*Members must be logged in to their OLC account and affiliated with their member institution (unless individual member) to receive member prices.


The Mastery Series
The Mastery Series emphasizes theory and application of research on key topics, grounded in formal learning that includes research and proof of practice. Each Mastery Series is focused on creating a quality skill-set in the field of study. Successful completion of a Mastery Series culminates in a Recognition of Mastery in a topic. Each series consists of three workshops that help you explore relevant research and use that research to help you design an effective teaching and learning environments.

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