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Did you know that public speaking consistently ranks as one of the top fear-inducing activities people can experience? With OLC’s Presenter Services, you will be able to stand confidently in front of your audience and deliver an engaging presentation. There are a variety of resources available to meet your needs regardless of experience or skills level. Choose the option that works best for you: Presenter Guides, Webinars, or Coaching.

Downloadable Guides offer important tips for delivering a polished and professional session. Webinars allow you to participate in a 30-minute ‘master’ course, as you learn from expert presenters. And lastly, you can receive coaching that is customized to address your individual needs as a presenter. You can participate in one of three coaching options: 1 to 1 pre-conference, Cohort-based, or Onsite coaching.  

Regardless if you choose to engage in one or all three of these options, you will have the opportunity to learn helpful tips to enhance your presentation skills.  Being able to speak confidently in front of an audience will not only enhance your conference experience, it can help you grow your career. More information about each resource is provided below.  We look forward to working with you!

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Presenter Resources

As you prepare to give your presentation at OLC Accelerate, you may consider using these resources. The slide template provides you with a user friendly and accessible slide format that can be used as a template for your presentation. We encourage all of our presenters to use this as a starting point if you like. Presenters are always also welcome to use your own style of Powerpoint, Keynote, Google Slides or alternate slide design or presentation option desired, as well.

Regardless of which format you choose for your slides, please include the evaluation slide (BELOW) at the end of your slide deck. OLC uses evaluations from session presentations to determine many variables in our conferences, including special invitations to selected speakers. Attendees of your session who fill out the survey are also eligible for a prize, which will be discussed in keynote/opening sessions with attendees.

Use the links below to access/download these resources.

Presenter FAQ

Slide Template          Session Evaluation Reminder Slide

Presenter Guides:

If you’re looking for a quick reference on ways to enhance your OLC Accelerate session, consider taking a look at our Presenter Guides. These downloadable resources serve as a quick refresher on the best ‘advice’ or ‘tips’ our coaches have to offer.


Abstracts | Workshops | Education Sessions | Panel Sessions | Discovery Sessions

Virtual Sessions | Slide Design | Last Minute Checklist



These virtual sessions provide you with detailed guidance on strategies and techniques that can help you craft a successful presentation. By attending the live offering of the webinars, you will have the opportunity to ask questions of the presenters and share any insights or lessons learned from your own experiences. Be sure to mark these on your calendar so you don’t miss them!


Sept 6th, 2018 – 2:00pm

Workshops/Express Workshops

Workshop icon


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Presenter: ,

Overview: Delivering an engaged, interactive, and effective workshop is often viewed as an intimidating venture undertaken by only the bravest souls. In reality workshop design, development and delivery can offer an exhilarating opportunity to partner with other skilled experts as well as to learn from a room full of experienced and eager participants. The resulting program is the outcome of careful and thoughtful planning as well as skilled facilitation during delivery. In this session we’ll explore the strategies that can be used to create a stimulating learning experience for both the participants as well as the presenter!

You will learn…

  • Generate and position a workshop topic of interest and addressing audience needs
  • Identify an expert workshop co-presenter/partner
  • Design an engaged/interactive program that serves the program objectives
  • Set participant expectations and achieve positive program results
  • Manage the clock
  • Generate valued workshop artifacts that provided added value to participants and presenters
  • Conduct formative evaluation (and make adjustments) and use summative evaluation feedback

Sept 20th, 2018 – 2:00pm

Panel Sessions

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Overview: Panel discussions are a great way to share information and different perspectives on a topic. At best, they are conversational yet informative, engage the audience in a meaningful way, and perhaps also generate some shared insights. However, robust panel discussions rarely organically evolve–a great deal of planning and expert facilitation is necessary. In this 30-minute session, we will provide tips for designing and facilitating informative and engaging panel discussions.

You will learn…

  • How to structure a panel discussion that stays on topic, but also allows spontaneous insights to emerge
  • Best practices for how, if and when to use slides in your discussion
  • How to facilitate a robust discussion (moderators)
  • How to share ideas and interact with other panelists (panelists)
  • How to involve your audience and maintain their interest (including virtual participants, if applicable)
  • How to anticipate and prepare for the unexpected

Oct. 4th, 2018 – 2:00pm

Education and Virtual Sessions

Education Session Recording

Virtual Session Recording (coming soon)

Presenters: ,

Overview: Education sessions are traditional presentations of information to an audience, but at OLC we want to model the most effective approaches. Just as lectures can range from engaging and exciting to deadly boring, so can presentations; so in this 60 minute session, we will go over techniques to design and deliver effective and stimulating presentations. The first 30 minutes will focus on face-to-face presentations, while the last 30 minutes will focus on the additional needs of delivering virtual presentations to remote audiences through technology.

You will learn…

  • How to “tell your story” clearly
  • Basic tips for designing slideshows that get attention and support learning
  • How to add interaction and engagement
  • How to pick the right technology to deliver content
  • How to choose the right virtual modality
  • The different strategies to plan for technology failures and how to mitigate the impact


Oct. 11th, 2018 – 2:00pm

Discovery Sessions

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Presenters: ,

Overview: Discovery Sessions are brief mini-presentations centered around an electronic platform–your laptop-with the goal of promoting your ideas and eliciting suggestions and responses from your peers. These fast-paced digital presentation sessions can be some of the most energizing presentation options OLC offers for both you and the attendees once you master the best practices that will be shared in our webinar. 

You will learn…

  • How to pitch your ideas so people will listen to you.
  • Best practices for highlighting top points into short chunks of meaningful information
  • The power of multiple interactions with a diverse group
  • Dynamic methods for encouraging visitors to stop at your session
  • Tips on how to set up your display for maximum impact


Can’t make the live webinar?

Not to worry, we’ll post the recordings.



One of the best ways to improve upon a skill is to work with a coach who can offer feedback and guidance that is tailored specifically to your needs. OLC now offers this as a free service to all conference presenters. However, there are a limited number of coaching sessions being offered this year. Signing up early is highly recommended.


1-1 Coaching

1-On-1 Conference Presentation Coaching

Deliver your entire presentation virtually to your coach and receive personalized feedback.


Small Group Cohort Conference Presentation Coaching

Talk with fellow presenters to explore strategies for engaging your audience, enhancing your slides, and more.

Onsite Coaching

Onsite Conference Presentation Coaching

Have a coach attend your live presentation at the conference and receive custom feedback.


Ready to take your presentation skills to the next level?

Coaching sessions are available from October 15 – October 31.

Request a Coaching Session


Working with a coach can be the difference between a good presentation and a great one. All of our coaches have a proven history of giving presentations that consistently earn high ratings for all of the main components of successful sessions – engagement, slide design, and delivery.



Presentation Specialty:
Education Session, Discovery Session


Presentation Specialty:
Education Session, Workshop


Presentation Specialty:
Education Session, Streamed Session, Discovery Session, or Workshop


Presentation Specialty:
Education Session, Streamed Session


Presentation Specialty:
Education Session, Streamed Session, Discovery, or Workshop


Presentation Specialty:
Workshop, Streamed Session


Presentation Specialty:
Education Session, Discovery Session, Workshop (3hr), Graduate Student Discovery Session, Express Workshop


Presentation Specialty:
Education Session, Discovery Session


Presentation Specialty:
Education Session


Presentation Specialty:
Education Session, Discovery Session


Presentation Specialty:
Education Session, Discovery Session, Workshop (3hr), Express Workshop


Presentation Specialty:
Education Session, Discovery Session


Presentation Specialty:
Discovery Session, Workshop (3hr), Panel Discussion


Presentation Specialty:
Education Session, Discovery Session, Panel Discussion, Express Workshop


Presentation Specialty:
Workshop (3hr)


Presentation Specialty:
Education Session, Discovery Session, Panel Discussion


Presentation Specialty:
Education Session, Discovery Session, Panel Discussion


Presentation Specialty:
Education Session, Workshop (3hr), Express Workshop


Presentation Specialty:
Streamed Sessions


Presentation Specialty:
Streamed Sessions


Presentation Specialty:
Education Session, Discovery Session, Graduate Student Discovery Session