It is our pleasure to invite you to OLC Accelerate 2019, the 25th year of the premier international conference in online, blended, and digital learning. 

Accelerating Online Learning Worldwide: The Next 25 Years! 

Online and digital learning professionals are challenged to keep up with trends and advances in the field that continue to evolve and expand at such a fast pace. So, join us at OLC Accelerate as we come together to build and strengthen our global network of expertise, increase collaboration and engagement among researchers and practitioners, share and discover new and emerging effective practices, and test and evaluate technologies for teaching and learning online. Our community cannot thrive without your active participation!

We are excited about OLC Accelerate 2019 and promise it will carry forward its tradition of excellence in offering quality content and opportunities to engage with others in the field of online, blended, and digital learning. This year we have a new gamified session type that engages both the presenters and the attendees in a fun and unique OLC conference experience. We have also updated our Teaching and Learning Effectiveness track that explores evidence-based practices and proven strategies to improve online teaching and learning.

To help us celebrate our 25th year, we also encourage you to submit a presentation proposal. We seek proposals that reflect and showcase our vibrant community of practice — promoting theory, research, methodology and/or applied effective practices in online, blended, and web-enhanced teaching and learning. Both research and evidence-based proposals are encouraged for submission. Not sure which track applies? Check the keywords listed for each track to help figure out to which conference track your proposal is most suited. The tracks for 2019 are:

  • Leadership and Institutional Strategies
  • Learner Services and Support
  • Professional Development and Support
  • Research
  • Teaching and Learning Effectiveness
  • Tools and Technologies

Please join us at OLC Accelerate 2019 onsite or virtually — we look forward to seeing you there!

The OLC Accelerate 2019 Program Co-Chairs

Megan Kohler  

Program Chair

Megan Kohler
Penn State University

Doug Geier  

Program Chair

Doug Geier
Golden Gate University