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General Conference Questions

For detailed information about the conference, please visit the 2020 schedule page. The pages under the Program tab will be updated regularly as more information becomes available.

If you have any questions that are not addressed on the Web site, please send an e-mail to

From “Register” tab on the conference website, please the Full Virtual Pass and follow the prompts. You must register using our website; we are unable to accept paper or email registrations.

If you are not able to attend virtually, you may substitute another individual in your place (one time) at no additional fee before the start of the conference. The name and email address of the substitute must be emailed to The Online Learning Consortium.  Refunds will be made to the original form of payment for the event when possible (i.e., credit memo, credit card, or check). If you do not attend the program and do not submit a written refund or credit memo request, The Online Learning Consortium will retain all fees. The Online Learning Consortium is not responsible for any change/cancellation charges assessed by airlines, travel agents, hotels or other similar vendors. Email all cancellation requests, substitutions, and registration questions to

For virtual registrations, your member discount is automatically applied if you are logged in to your OLC user account and it is correctly affiliated with your institution. 

In an effort to be as “green” as possible, we do not hand out participant packages. A basic list of sessions in a spreadsheet format will be available for download/printing. We encourage attendees to make use of the OLC Conferences mobile app and website schedule. We also strongly encourage presenters to post presentation and any support materials to the conference proceedings repository.

A basic list of sessions in a spreadsheet format will be available for download/printing. We encourage attendees to make use of the OLC Conferences mobile app and website schedule. Full program information will be available on the website (see the Program pages) in August, so you can start to plan which sessions you’d like to attend.  The OLC Conferences mobile app that will have all the up to date conference program information will also be available. 

We do not provide “Letters of Invitation” for international attendees to attend our events. Conference participants from other countries must obtain a tourist or student visa on their own merit and not be dependent upon Letters of Invitation from OLC to acknowledge or sponsor their attendance. It is up to the applicant, and the applicant alone, to demonstrate his or her desire and compelling plans to return to their home country after a brief visit in order to qualify for a visa.

Press Passes are available for a very limited number of press by invitation only. For more information or questions contact us at

Please review the First Time Attendee FAQ document for additional details that may be helpful to first time conference attendees.

The Effective Practice Awards webpage will be updated to reflect the current selection round. EP recipients will be asked to present their award-winning session during OLC Accelerate.  Follow the above link or Submit Here.

Virtual Conference FAQ

General Virtual Attendance/Streaming Questions

This section will be updated with more specific access instructions for our two virtual conference platforms as the conference approaches.

Access OLC Accelerate virtual-to-virtual sessions starting Monday, November 9 (pre-conference workshops will take place on Friday, November 6). All times are listed in US Eastern Standard Time zone. All recordings may be accessed for 1 year post-conference. 

Prior to the start of the Virtual Conference:

Most importantly, you need to test your system prior to the start of the conference so that you don’t miss the first session due to access issues! It is important that you test the setup of any and all computers you will use to access the virtual conference BEFORE the conference sessions begin. Don’t assume that your computer will work or that if one computer works, a different computer on a different network will work as well.

Need to Know:

  • You need to be logged into using your free user account that was required when you registered for this virtual conference.
  • Virtual to virtual conference sessions will be held in Zoom. 
  • Session times are listed in the US EASTERN TIME ZONE.
  • Plan Ahead: Know which sessions you want to attend and when they are happening. Enter the session up to 10 minutes early so that you don’t miss anything. You will get the most out of your conference experience if you actively participate! Introduce yourself when you enter a session so that the on-site session chair knows you’re there.
  • Day of the conference, join links will be active 10-15 minutes before the schedule start time of the session. 

On (or after) November 9, 2020 – session times are listed in US Eastern Time Zone

From the Program listing, select the session you wish to view. 

You can also search the list of sessions by presenter name, using your browser’s find feature (usually control+F on a PC, command+F on a Mac) to search for a word in the session’s title or use our advanced search filters. 

Please note: Only those sessions that are indicated in the Streamed Sessions listing will be available as part of the OLC Accelerate virtual conference program. All sessions that are part of the streaming program will be listed under “Streamed Sessions” and will be represented by the streamed_257x257 icon.   

There are two ways to access the Streamed Sessions listing. You can select “Streamed Sessions” from the Program/Sessions drop down menu or you can select the “Streamed Sessions” tab from the all sessions listing page. 


To select a session to view, click on the title of the session from the Streamed Sessions list. From the session page, you will see an orange “Watch this Session button in the upper right of the session page. You need to click on this tab to open up a pop-up window that will open the Zoom room where you can ask questions of the presenter, chat with other attendees, etc.  Make sure you are not blocking pop-ups in your internet browser.


If you do not see the “Watch This Session” button, make sure that 1) you are looking at a streamed session and that 2) you are logged in to the site using your OLC User Account (the same account that was used to purchase the virtual conference registration).

The “Watch This Session” button is the same for viewing a session that has been recorded. Session recordings will be posted within 24 hours of the session finishing. Registered attendees have access to all session recordings for one year.

If you have additional questions, please view the rest of our Virtual Conference FAQs or email
We hope you enjoy this virtual event! 

Streamed sessions don’t begin streaming until the time the session begins – not before the start time. Stay logged in; it will begin streaming on schedule. Remember – the Sessions are listed in the conference time zone – US EASTERN TIME ZONE.

When a virtual attendee registration is complete (paid for) you will receive an email with access instructions. You can view the status of your order through your OLC Website User Account Dashboard – Orders. 
Please check to be sure you are logged in using your OLC user account.

You need to be logged into using your free user account (this was required when you registered as a virtual attendee for this conference). Step 2: We will use Zoom for all virtual-to-virtual sessions. You can test your system’s compatibility with Zoom using their “test meeting”: 

We recommend you use Chrome as your browser to optimize your virtual conference experience. 

From the conference website, select the tab “PROGRAM”, then select “Streamed Sessions”. Plan ahead – know which sessions you want to attend and when they are happening. Enter the session room early so that you don’t miss anything. OLC Accelerate 2020 is in the Eastern time zone – all times listed in the program are US EASTERN TIME ZONE – adjust your calendar/schedule accordingly.

From the Streamed Session listing, you simply click on the title of the session you’d like to attend to go to that session’s page. From the session page, you will see an orange button to the right of the session title that reads “Watch this Session”. You need to click on this button to open up a pop-up window that will connect to the Zoom room where you can ask questions of the presenter, chat with other attendees, etc.
If you do not see the “Watch this Session” button, make sure that you are looking at a streamed session and that you are logged in to the site. If you are logged in and still do not see this link on a streamed session’s page your account may still have an open balance. Only paid registrations will have access. To check your account, please enter your My Account dashboard and check your ORDERS. View your Order History. If you believe there is a discrepancy, please email Don’t wait until the last minute!

If something we are experiencing technical difficulty with the stream, please know that it is still being recorded. If the stream isn’t back after a couple minutes, we recommend switching to watch a different session and watching the recording of the interrupted session at another time. Recordings will be available within 24 hours of sessions ending and you will have access to them for one year.

OLC Accelerate 2020 is virtual-to-virtual. All times listed will follow the US Eastern Time Zone.

Yes, all of the recorded sessions will be available for viewing 24 hours after the live, streamed presentation. They will be available for up to one year post-conference.

Please contact for technical help. First be sure that you are logged in to the OLC conference website with your free user account. You will see in the upper right hand corner of your screen “You are logged in as username”. Please be sure that your internet connection is working. We recommend you use Chrome as your browser to optimize your virtual conference experience. 

If you still need technical assistance, please email us as stated above.

Each streamed session will have a dedicated session chair who will help introduce and facilitate the discussion with the presenter(s). The session chair will introduce herself/himself to the virtual audience at the beginning of the session. If you have a question or comment, write it in the chat window. Your session chair will relay it to the presenter using the microphone, either at the end during the Q&A portion, or when/if the presenter pauses to take questions. If you need further clarification, let your session chair know, and s/he will be happy to help.

Member Discount Questions

Please be sure that you are correctly affiliated with your institution in your OLC user account profile. Please contact for assistance.

Please visit the OLC website, JOIN, and check to be sure your Institution is a Member by selecting: “INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERSHIP”. Next, select: Check to see if my institution is already a member.
Once that is verified, please be sure you are affiliated with your institution. In order to become affiliated with the institutional membership your college purchased, you must first create a community account on our website, if you do not currently have an account with us. The community account is free. When you complete the form, please be sure to enter the name of your college where indicated on the form. Our database will automatically affiliate your account with the membership.
If you currently have an OLC account, please update your profile to include the name of your college. Again, once that has been done, our database will automatically affiliate your account with the membership.

Group Virtual Package Questions

With a Virtual Group Package you may choose the package that best suits your group’s needs. There are several options for group packages that our outlined on the Register page. 
The Group Manager will register for the appropriate Group Package level. Upon completion of the order (completion means payment by credit card, a check is received, or an institution’s Purchase Order is received) The group manager will receive instructions for distribution upon registering. Each participant will then register themselves as an “Individual” Virtual Attendee and select the “Group Pass” option. The group manager must also register as an individual using one of the allotted codes if the group manager intends to participate as a virtual attendee. An Unlimited Group Full Virtual Pass applies to only a single campus. For system pricing, please contact us at for a custom package. More details can be found on the Register page.

From the Register page on our website, click on “Full Virtual Pass”.
Your Group Manager should register for the Group Virtual Package. When this order has been completed (paid by credit card or after a check or official purchase order has been received) then the coupon code (to be used the number of times indicated by your package) will be sent to the Group Manager. The Group Manager will distribute registration instructions to each of the individual participants from your institution. Each individual (including the group manager if they intend to participate) should register as an individual virtual attendee as part of the Group Access Pass during registration.

Please remember – only the group manager will register and pay for the a group package. Each individual participant must register as an individual virtual attendee using the group access pass for your group (instructions will be distributed to your group by your group manager). Individual access instructions are sent to the group participants upon completion of their individual registrations. Please be sure your group account is Paid in Full. Access will only be granted when payment is received. To check your account, please log in to the OLC website and check your account by clicking on your username in the upper right-hand corner. On the Dashboard page, select ORDERS (box on right of screen) to verify that your order is complete. You will have access when the conference starts. If you have questions or concerns, please email

Please refer to this copy of the group member registration instructions you received after you registered your group.
Each participant for the virtual sessions needs to log in through their own user account. The access permission (or user role) is granted through your unique user account. Your virtual registration needs to be purchased through your own user account with the group package coupon code. If someone has registered on your behalf through their own user account, you will need to log in with the user account that made the purchase.

Your group manager has received registration instructions for your group. Please contact them to obtain registration instructions for individual virtual attendee registration. Once you have received your group’s registration instructions, register by following these steps:
Please check to be sure you are logged in using your OLC user account. If you don’t have one, please sign up for one now. A community membership is free! If you are a member of an OLC member institution, please be sure to affiliate with that school.
**Note – user access to the sessions is granted only to the owner of the OLC account where the registration was purchased. Please do not purchase a virtual registration in your own cart if this is for someone else to access – it must be purchased in the participant’s user account!
Once you are logged in and on the Register page, follow these prompts:
Select the Group Access Pass option
Indicate Payment Method (*Note – you will not be granted access to the streamed sessions until payment is received. If you are registering with the Group Access Pass as part of a previously purchased group package, your amount due will be zero.)
Complete required fields