Ensure a positive impact on student success using key attributes relating to digital courseware.

The OLC Digital Courseware Instructional Practice Scorecard provides quality indicators on how to build an effective classroom experience for students, for those faculty making use of digital courseware to enhance the learning process.

With a focus on teaching using digital courseware, relevant indicators were culled from the QCTIP to form the Digital Courseware Instructional Practice (DCIP) scorecard.   In building an effective classroom experience for students, many faculty make use of digital courseware to enhance the learning process.  The DCIP scorecard provides a framework that can be used to effectively teach with digital courseware and covers the Learning Foundations, Faculty Engagement and Student Engagement Categories.     

In addition, the downloadable Digital Courseware Facilitation (DCF) tool includes 10 indicators from the DCIP and serves as an on-ramp for implementation of digital courseware for colleges and universities.  Also, found on the website for Courseware in Context (CWiC), the tool can be used in collaboration with the CWiC Product Primer or the longer CWiC Designer tool.  The DCF is intended to be used by faculty members seeking to learn more about improving their teaching practices in digital environments using courseware.




“We have found the OLC Quality Scorecard to be a very effective tool for the administration of online education programs. The Scorecard provides a helpful framework for strategic planning and is used to evaluate programs, identify areas for change, and reassess annually.

Sandra Hirsh, Professor & Director, School of Information, San Jose State University