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The OLC Quality Scorecard for the Administration of Online Programs provides benchmarks and standards to help you evaluate your online learning programs. 

Institutions can pursue a third-party, independent program review services through OLC Program Review services. Those that achieve exemplary status may be eligible to display an OLC Quality Scorecard Endorsement logo on their website.

By using the OLC Scorecard, an administrator – regardless of size or type of institution – can determine strengths and weaknesses of their program and initiate planning efforts towards areas of improvement. The scorecard can also be used to demonstrate elements of quality to higher education accrediting bodies.

The Scorecard will give you the steps needed to identify, measure and quantify elements of quality within an online education program, providing the metrics to uncover and evaluate quality indicators in key categories, which include: Institutional Support, Technology Support. Course Development / Instructional Design, Course Structure, Teaching & Learning, Social and Student Engagement, Faculty Support, Student Support and Evaluations & Assessment.

If you prefer paper workbooks, you may purchase A Practical Handbook to Implement the Quality Scorecard for the Administration of Online Programs through our Publications page.  

A free version of the Administration of Online Programs Quality Scorecard is also available to download. Contact sales@onlinelearning-c.org to learn more about how your institution can benefit from a Program Review.



“We have found the OLC Quality Scorecard to be a very effective tool for the administration of online education programs. The Scorecard provides a helpful framework for strategic planning and is used to evaluate programs, identify areas for change, and reassess annually.

Sandra Hirsh, Professor & Director, School of Information, San Jose State University