How can we set the stage for our students to emerge as the creators of knowledge and drivers of scholarship? How will we leverage data and research to establish impactful change both within and across institutions? How will our work as practitioners and leaders foster a culture of innovation?

As we build upon the great work we began at last year’s conference, OLC Innovate 2017 seeks your participation in answering the aforementioned questions as we continue to challenge the barriers limiting access to education. Moreover, we invite you to join us in celebrating the diverse mosaic of perspectives on innovative teaching and learning, all set against the vibrant backdrop of the city of New Orleans.

​With the outstanding efforts of OLC and MERLOT, our program team has made it their focus to create a lineup of offerings that highlight the innovators and thought leaders inspiring us locally and globally. We’ve intentionally created both the space and time for collaboration and reflection, with special session types that honor the importance of our interconnectedness as educators, to include:

  • Research Highlights and Trends in Innovation
  • Solution Design Summit
  • Innovation Lab and the Innovation Installation
  • Career Forum Roundtables
  • HBCU Summit

In addition to attending onsite or virtually, please reach out to us and take an active part in our work designing this next iteration of OLC Innovate. The engagement committee is actively capturing the planning process as a​n online​ “documentary” that collects your opinions and driving questions as calls to action that we can address together at the conference. ​We’re excited to work in equal partnership with you to build what Devon Cancilla, Conference Chair, has referred to most fittingly as the “conference of the people.” Most of all, we’re humbled and honored to have the opportunity to create this experience with you.

Please follow our plans and process in our video blog: 


The OLC Innovate 2017 Program Team

angela gunder  

Program Chair

Angela Gunder, The University of Arizona

Jessica Knott  

Engagement Chair

Jessica Knott, Michigan State University


MERLOT Program Advisor

Jane Moore, MERLOT


OLC Program Advisor

Jill Buban, OLC