Welcome to the Member Resources page. This section is a convenient place for members to gain access to all of the many benefits provided for our members. You must be logged in to your OLC member account to use your benefits. For OLC Institutional Members, remember that all associates at the institution have access to and full use of the many great benefits of the membership. See Account Setup details below for how you and your associates may access your membership benefits. 

For questions or help with your membership please give us a call at 617-716-1414 or email us at membership@onlinelearning-c.org.


OLC Membership Benefits

OLC IDEATE – VIRTUAL SALON RECORDINGS: These sessions engaged our diverse and robust community of educators in conversations and collaboration around effective practices for ensuring quality in online teaching and learning. Access the recordings. PLEASE NOTE: You will need to be logged in to your OLC member account to access.  YES YES
FREE WEBINARS: Webinars are always free for OLC members. No coupon code is needed. If you and your faculty have set up your accounts and affiliated them with your institution, your webinar registration will not require any payment. Check out our On-Demand Webinars too! YES YES
MEMBER PRICING ON ALL OLC WORKSHOPS: Membership includes discounted pricing ($100 savings) on all OLC workshops. Additional workshops are added throughout the year, so please make sure to check the schedule often. You must be logged in to your OLC member account to automatically see the discounted member price. View the 2020 OLC Workshop Schedule. YES YES
OLC WORKSHOP PASS: Lowest prices on OLC Workshops – 10 seats for $110/seat or 5 seats for $115/seat (regular price is $250/seat). NO YES
MEMBER PRICING ON OLC TEACHING CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS: Membership includes discounted pricing ($350 – $500 savings) on all OLC Certificate Programs, including Online Teaching, Advanced Online Teaching and Instructional Designer certificate programs. Save additional 10% on 3 or more Online Teaching Certificate seats with the OTC Pass. YES YES
MEMBER PRICING ON OLC MASTERY SERIES PROGRAMS: Membership includes discounted ($150 – $175 savings) pricing on all OLC Mastery Series Programs, including Blended Learning, Instructional Design, Quality Scorecard, Leadership in Online Learning, Online Science Labs, and Online Nursing. Group rates available at significant savings for 5 or more participants. Contact sales@onlinelearning-c.org for details. YES YES
MEMBER PRICING ON OLC CONFERENCES AND EVENTS: Membership includes discounts for the registration fee for our two annual conferences ($150 savings off registration) and regional events. Once you are logged into the system using your organization-affiliated email address, you will automatically be granted OLC member pricing.  YES YES
PUBLICATIONS DISCOUNTS: OLC Members receive a 20% discount on all publications. Using your properly affiliated user account will populate the 20% discount automatically when logged in to your OLC member account. YES YES
OLC MEMBER LOGO: Display your OLC Member status with the OLC logo on your website and social sites. Email us at marketing@onlinelearning-c.org for your logo.  YES YES
NEW: JOB POSTING* IN OLC TODAY WEEKLY NEWSLETTER ($500 value). 1 post per annual membership (listing is repeated in 4 consecutive issues). Non-members: $750/1 listing repeated 4 times (contact sales@onlinelearning-c.org for information)
NEW: PROMOTE YOUR PUBLICATIONOLC retweets your post upon approval of your publication submission (1 post per publication; limit 1 for professional members, 6 for institutional members). YES YES
OLC QUALITY SCORECARD SUITE – DOWNLOADS: Download any or all of the OLC quality scorecards for evaluating your online programs.  YES YES
OLC QUALITY SCORECARD FOR THE ADMINISTRATION OF ONLINE PROGRAMS – Interactive Version. OLC Institutional Members have full access and use of this important tool to determine the strengths and weaknesses of their programs, and initiate planning efforts towards areas of improvement. NO YES
OLC QUALITY SCORECARD FOR THE ADMINISTRATION OF ONLINE PROGRAMS HANDBOOK. OLC Institutional Members get 20% off purchase of this resource.  NO YES
OLC QUALITY SCORECARD REVIEWS: Ability to get an official review of your online programs or courses.  NO YES
OLC QUALITY SCORECARD NAVIGATOR: Ability to maximize the effectiveness of your digital learning programs with the aid of OLC experts. NO YES
OLC’s CONSULTING SOLUTIONS: Ability to contract with OLC experts for your specific needs. 
NETWORKING: Connect with an international community of online learning educators at OLC events, webinars, and social groups.
AWARDS: Eligible to apply and nominate for OLC Awards and Effective Practice Awards. Eligible to nominate for the OLC Fellows Program. YES YES
OCICU MEMBERSHIP: The Online Consortium of Independent Colleges and Universities (OCICU) is a virtual academic consortium in which member institutions collaborate in sharing online, credit-bearing courses and programs. OCICU members can enter or expand the world of online education for their students while keeping technology and course costs low. All consortium members are regionally accredited, independent, not-for-profit, and liberal arts-focused like your institution. OCICU will waive the $3,500 membership application fee to OLC Institutional Members. This will allow OLC Institutional Members access to the course catalog of over 1,200 online courses with no upfront cost for the first year, other than paying the OCICU enrollment fee per course. Download flyer. Contact matt.norsworthy@onlinelearning-c.org to get started.              NO YES


*Job Postings: 1 Free posting per annual Institutional Membership. Job title, university, and link to the full job description. Posted in 4 consecutive OLC Today weekly newsletters (audience of nearly 20,000 educators). Limited postings per newsletter issued on a first-come basis. 

OLC Emails

Not receiving all of your OLC emails?  Please ask your IT department whitelist the following domains:

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our IT department at it@onlinelearning-c.org

OLC Institutional Members Account Setup

With OLC Institutional Membership, all associates at the institution have access to and full use of the many great benefits of the membership. Not sure if your institution is a member? Please check the membership list. If your institution IS an OLC Institutional Member, you can set up your free OLC account – see below for instructions.

How do I create a free OLC account affiliated with my institution?

  • Go to https://my.onlinelearningconsortium.org/ and Log In Click on “Create an Account” (see the image below for where to find “Create Account”)
  • Enter your email address — please use your work address so that your account will connect to your organization and its membership
  • Complete the profile form
  • Set your password – you may be asked to reset your password
  • Select your account to update your profile.
  • Once logged in, the system will now recognize you as a member and you can use your OLC Institutional member benefits.


I already have a user account. How do I make sure I am affiliated with my institution?

  1. If your current OLC user account uses your organization email address, you simply log in with that account and you are all set!
  2. If your current OLC user account does NOT use your organization email address, login to your current account, go to Account (top).
  3. This brings you to My Info. Scroll down to Email, then Change. Add your organization email address and change your Preferred Email Type (click the X) to choose your organization email\
  4. For assistance, please contact us at support@onlinelearning-c.org

For questions or help with your membership please give us a call at 617-716-1414 or email us at membership@onlinelearning-c.org.