AI in Higher Ed: Opportunities and Threats

How will artificial intelligence (AI) tools (such as ChatGPT and Bard) affect online, blended, and digital learning in higher education? Join us for a panel discussion on the opportunities and threats associated with this emerging technology. 

With the release of the AI chatbot ChatGPT in late 2022, many instructors, support staff, and institutional leaders are concerned about the impact on academic honesty in higher education. Others see AI as a potentially useful pedagogical tool, not unlike other disruptive technologies that initially spawned controversy, such as the internet, mobile devices, and social media. Bring to this webinar your questions and an open mind!

Speaker Bio
Reed Dickson (Moderator)

Program Manager for Faculty Development – Pima Community College

Bettyjo Bouchey, Ed.D

Vice Provost, Digital Strategy & Operations – National Louis University


Van Davis, Ph.D

Chief Strategy Officer – WCET; Service Design and Strategy Officer – Every Learner Everywhere

Melissa Vito

Melissa Vito, Ed.D

Vice Provost for Academic Innovation – University of Texas at San Antonio