The Future is Now: Dive into the Frontier of Generative AI with Engaging Assignments for Mastering AI Fluency!

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GenAI has forever changed how we learn, teach, work, and perhaps even play. Its capabilities, as well as student use, are here to stay and accelerating at a pace that can make even the most tech-savvy among us feel overwhelmed. But if we, as educators, don’t teach students why, how, and when to use AI, who will? In this webinar, we’ll discuss how to infuse AI requirements into your assignments and provide examples of assignments that teach AI fluency.

Intended Audience:

Instructional faculty, both college and K-12, in all disciplines teaching all modalities, are the primary audience, regardless of their level of experience with GenAI tools. We’ll begin by quickly providing basics about GenAI (for the curious, but uninitiated), and then move on to its practical applications by providing ideas and strategies educators can use immediately. Offices and staff that support faculty in teaching are a secondary audience; they will gain ideas on GenAI that will help their work with faculty.

Key Takeaways:

In this webinar, you’ll…

  • Consider the importance of embracing AI in college courses for workplace readiness
  • Learn a working definition of AI fluency and how to teach its components
  • Leave with examples of over 60 ready-to-use, multi-disciplinary assignments
Speaker Bio
Kevin Yee

Director, Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning – University of Central Florida

Kevin Yee is the director of the Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning. Originally a faculty member teaching German language and literature classes, he has worked in educational development since 2004. He’s particularly interested in the science of memory, interactive teaching techniques, and teaching with A.I.
Erin Doggette

Instructional Specialist, Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning – University of Central Florida

Erin Doggette is a faculty member and instructional specialist in the Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning. Prior to joining the Faculty Center in 2023, Erin worked as an educator of English, English literature, college-level writing, and curriculum courses for nearly 2 decades.

Laurie Uttich

Instructional Specialist, Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning – University of Central Florida

Laurie Uttich is a senior lecturer and instructional specialist at the University of Central Florida’s (UCF) Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning. A poet and prose writer, she has taught a multitude of college-level writing and composition courses over her 14 years at UCF before joining the Faculty Center in 2023.