Personas, Pathways, and Badges in Professional Development: A Canvas Credentials Use Case

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In this enlightening webinar presented by the OLC Center for Professional Learning team, we will explore the innovative applications of the Canvas Credentials platform. The Credentials platform allowed us to re-imagine our approach to professional learning by designing a micro-credentialing strategy focused on personalized personas and skills pathways. 

Whether you’re a seasoned educator or just diving into the realm of micro-credentialing, this session promises insights as we explore how OLC’s “Personas and Pathway” vision for professional learning was realized in Canvas Credentials.

Join us to learn how micro-credentialing is not only reshaping professional development but also presenting educators and educational leaders across the spectrum with actionable takeaways for their courses, programs, and initiatives.

Intended audience: 

Faculty, Instructional Designers, and Leaders

Key messages:

Personalized learning paths, micro-credentialing strategies, and evolving professional development

Speaker Bio


Josh Herron, Ph.D.
Director of Professional Learning – Online Learning Consortium

As Director of Professional Learning, Josh guides the strategy and operations of OLC’s Center for Professional Learning. He has over twelve years of higher education leadership and instructional experience. He has also published and presented widely on higher education practices, pedagogical research, and interdisciplinary scholarship. Josh holds a Ph.D. in Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design from Clemson University and an M.A. in English from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Elisabeth Stucklen
Instructional Designer – Online Learning Consortium

Elisabeth Stucklen is an instructional designer in the Online Learning Consortium’s Center for Professional Learning, where she provides course design/production and facilitation support for the Instructional Designer and Advanced Instructional Designer Certificate Programs, the 4-week workshops program, and serves as the instructional designer in the Institute for Emerging Leadership in Online Learning (IELOL) program. She has worked in online higher education and instructional design for over 19 years. Prior to joining OLC, she worked as the senior instructional designer at Mount Washington College (MWC). Elisabeth holds a Masters of Science in Instructional Design and Technology from Emporia State University and a Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication Technology from Lesley University and is a graduate of the 2020 cohort for the Institute for Emerging Leadership in Online Learning (IELOL).

Kaitlin Garrett
Instructional Designer – Online Learning Consortium

Kaitlin Garrett is an instructional designer in the Online Learning Consortium’s Center for Professional Learning where she supports the design, development, and facilitation of OLC’s suite of accessibility-related workshops, the self-paced workshop curriculum, as well as manages OLC’s webinar program. With a strong passion for and commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, Kaitlin seeks to create learning experiences and opportunities that are inclusive for a wide range of learners. Prior to joining OLC, Kaitlin was a module coordinator at the University of Central Florida’s College of Medicine. Kaitlin holds a MA in Educational Leadership (Higher Education/Student Personnel), a graduate certificate in Instructional Design and Technology (e-Learning), and a BS in Psychology from the University of Central Florida.

Cindy Schanke
Instructional Designer – Online Learning Consortium

Cindy Schanke is an instructional designer at the OLC where she provides instructional design, course development, and educational technology expertise within the OLC Institute for Professional Development. In 2000, she got her start in the eLearning field for government and industry, and in 2013 she began working as an instructional designer in higher education. She joined OLC in 2021 after serving Elizabethtown College as the Assistant Director of Online Learning. She holds a Masters of Science degree in Instructional Technology from Bloomsburg University and an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Lock Haven University.

Ryan Lufkin
Vice President of Global Strategy – Instructure

Ryan Lufkin is the Vice President of Global Strategy at Instructure, the makers of Canvas LMS. Ryan’s career has been largely spent in the edtech space. His experience spans enterprise resource planning and curriculum design and has worked for various LMS providers. He currently focuses on strategic initiatives that market Canvas and related products to both new and existing customers.