Come one! Come all! Join the OLC Accelerate Mission Passport Challenge

Join us on this new, gameful, collaborative themed challenge: “The OLC Accelerate Mission Passport Challenge,” as we celebrate 25 years in digital, blended and online learning. You’ll make your way through the Speed Networking Lounge, the Technology Test Kitchen, and the Field Guide experience where:

  • Engagement and community is intentional and not an after-thought
  • We can explore, fail, play, grow, and learn together 
  • We orient ourselves to the challenges to come, and map our learning journeys

For the first time ever, The OLC Accelerate Mission Passport Challenge will bring together these engagement opportunities through themed, interactive challenges. 

Be sure to grab an OLC Accelerate Mission Passport to track your progress, level-up, and compete for prizes. Each level of the passport includes an opportunity to engage, learn, and win prizes, which may include:

  • Level 1: Chance at the TTK claw machine + OLC swag 
  • Level 2: 2 tickets for the raffle prize boxes
  • Level 3: 3 tickets for the raffle prize boxes   

Raffle prizes may include:

  • Raffle Box 1: Toy Story Package:  To Infinity and Beyond!
    1 single day, single park Disney ticket
    Toy Story Lego set
    Toy Story “Pizza Planet” alien t-shirt (size Adult L)
  • Raffle Box 2: OLC 2020 Conference Registration
    1 complimentary registration for your choice of OLC Innovate, OLC Collaborate – Oregon, or OLC Accelerate
  • Raffle Box 3: Refresh and Reward Yourself (donated by Respondus)
    Respondus Hydroflask water bottle
    $150 Amazon Gift Card
  • Raffle Box 4: Homeward Bound
    Apple Airpods (donated by GoReact)
    1 travel neck pillow
    1 $25 Visa gift card (to enjoy some adult beverages on the ride home)
    Travel snacks
  • Raffle Box 5: Kindle Paperwhite

Join the mission and begin your own conference learning journey with us in Orlando.

See below for specific details for how to engage and get started.

How It Works

Each attendee will be provided a Mission Passport at conference registration. The passport displays 3 challenge levels, with 9 available challenges per level (3 each from the Technology Test Kitchen, Speed Networking Lounge, and Field Guides). The attendee must complete any 3 challenges of their choice (can be any mixture of TTK, Speed Networking, or Field Guide challenges) in a particular level in order to earn that level’s prize. If an attendee wants to complete all 3 challenge levels, they would complete 9 challenges total.  It is not required to finish all 3 challenge levels; levels may be completed in any quantity and order desired.

After completing a challenge, attendees will report to the designated area (TTK, Speed Networking Lounge, or Field Guide station) for verification that the challenge is completed and receive a sticker for that challenge. Once three stickers have been received for a particular level, the attendee will receive the prize or raffle tickets for that specific level.  

3 levels; must complete any 3 activities in each level to win the following prizes (subject to change):

  • Level 1: Chance at the TTK claw machine + OLC swag 
  • Level 2:  2 tickets for the raffle prize boxes
  • Level 3: 3 tickets for the raffle prize boxes   

Prizes will only be awarded through Thursday 3:00pm at the designated locations. Tickets can be entered into any of the raffle boxes (ie, an attendee may put all her tickets in one box if desired).  Raffle boxes will be at the Field Guide Station (or at the OLC registration desk during hours the Field Guide station is closed). All raffle tickets must be submitted into prize boxes by 3:00pm Thursday.  Raffle prizes will be drawn Thursday evening. Winners of the raffle drawings will be announced at breakfast before the keynote on Friday morning.