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OLC Live is a free, fully-online interactive lounge, built specifically for anyone looking to connect with the conference from afar. In addition to registering as a Virtual Attendee at the conference, we invite you to join us for a series of open, high energy sessions that connect the many OLC communities together around topics important to all of us supporting online learning.

Part interactive game show, part collaborative town hall, part open lounge, OLC Live is a hub set out to capture the spirit and energy from the conference in a free, fully-online environment. An add-on to the Virtual Attendee option at the conference, this series of sessions allows participants to connect with conference speakers, and join featured conversations with other virtual attendees.

RSVP to Attend

So that we can plan for your attendance, let us know that you are going to participate in OLC Live by filling out the short form linked below.  We’ll send you updates, reminders, and last minute information so that you can connect with ease.



Ways to Participate

The format this year consists of three key components occurring before, during and after the conference:

Before – Pre-Conference Town Halls

This series of informal, unconference style chats on Zoom highlights different aspects of the conference and tips and tricks for successfully getting the most out of your OLC Accelerate experience.  We will highlight the theme of 25 years in celebration of the OLC annual conference 25th Anniversary, and hear from old and new friends within the community about how they’ve benefited from their connections to the organization.

During – Online International Summit and OLC Live

On Tuesday, November 19, OLC Live will kickoff with a special virtual conference that will both span the globe and all time zones.  The Online International Summit invites teams of designers, educators and online learning practitioners to come together in a series of six 1-hour sessions, one for each continent (minus Antarctica!)  The theme of the summit is OPENNESS and will explore the question of how we engage in supporting our students through open educational praxis.  Each session will feature a short provocation from a speaker sharing their definition of openness, and a collaborative online activity that will allow participants to crowdsource their own definitions.  The summit will conclude with a synthesis of the findings which will be published as a white paper.

From Wednesday, November 20 to Friday, November 22, join your OLC Live hosts and a litany of guests in a series of high-energy online sessions that will include games, prizes, networking opportunities, and much much more.  Stay tuned for the detailed schedule (which will be posted below) and hold these dates for sessions that you will not want to miss. Best of all, OLC Live is a “more the merrier” kind of event, so we invite teams of online educators to consider blocking off time to attend as a group.  No matter how you join in on the fun, expect to forge deeper connections and future collaborations in a lighthearted, spirited virtual conference format.

After – Storytelling with #WeAreOLC

At the heart of communities lie narrative practices that bind us together in our shared goals and vision.  The OLC is no exception, and the #WeAreOLC initiative seeks to weave these threads together of how we each share our stories as part of a larger collective and for the good of the whole.  As part of OLC Live, we will explore the stories shared before and during the conference as an oral history of the OLC, using data visualization and multimodal compositions to paint the picture of who we are, what we do, and where we are going.  These artifacts will be shared out in various online spaces as a means of keeping the conversation going well after OLC Accelerate ends.


Who Should Attend

Everyone!  Whether you are joining OLC Accelerate as a virtual attendee, or are an in-person participant who doesn’t want to miss the fun, you are invited to join us for any and all of these sessions within OLC Live.

How to Sign On

Sessions are held on Zoom and can be accessed from the link to be posted here closer to the conference.

For scheduled sessions, you can enter the OLC Live Studio to attend, meet the guests, and collaborate with fellow participants and your hosts.

OLC Live Studio

For break times or between virtual sessions, you can join the OLC Live Lounge to chat with fellow visitors and continue conversations that may have bubbled up in online sessions.  

OLC Live Lounge




  • August: (Thursday 8/29 3pm-4pm ET) – Reflecting on 25 Years with the OLC Board: Patsy Moskal, Michael Torrence, Frank Mayadas and Karen Swan  |  Watch the Recording
  • September: (Thursday 9/26 3pm-4pm ET) – Top 10 Things to Get From the Conference with Guest Host: Kelvin Thompson | Watch the Recording
  • October: (Thursday 10/24 3pm-4:30pm ET) – A Chat with the Track Chairs and Best in Track Winners
  • November: (Thursday 11/14 3pm-4pm ET) – Pack Your Bags! Last Minute Meet Up with Special Guests TBA

During the Conference

Virtual Lounge

Connect with other virtual participants in between sessions in the OLC Live Virtual Lounge.  This space will stay open with music and groovy graphics to set the mood for conversations sparked by the streamed presentations at the conference.

OLC Live Lounge

Virtual Studio – OLC Space Station 2525

Led by Angela Andromeda and Clark OV Saturn, join your hosts in the future from the OLC Space Station in the year 2525, where they will feature special guests and wild games themed around the future of online education.

OLC Live Studio

  • Tue Nov 19 – Online International Summit
    • 8:30-9:30am – Session 1
    • 10:00-11:00am – Session 2
    • 11:30-12:30pm – Session 3
    • 1:00-2:00pm – Session 4
    • 2:30-3:30pm – Session 5
    • 7:45-8:45pm – Session 6
  • Wed Nov 20 – OLC Live (schedule subject to change)
    • 11:00-12:00pm – Space Station Salon with Special Guest: Adam Croom
    • 3:00-3:45pm – Virtual Speed Networking Lounge (hosted by Sarah Clark)
    • 3:45-4:45pm – Intergalactic Variety Hour Hangout: Design Battle
  • Thu Nov 21 – OLC Live (schedule subject to change)
    • 10:30-11:15 – Virtual Speed Networking Lounge (hosted by Sarah Clark)
    • 2:00-3:00pm – Virtual Speed Networking Lounge (hosted by Sarah Clark)
    • 3:45-4:45pm –  Intergalactic Escape Room
  • Fri Nov 22 – OLC Live (schedule subject to change)
    • 10:30-11:15am – Space Station Salon with Special Guest: TBD
    • 12:30-1:00pm – Live Stream for Closing Celebration

How to Get Involved

Want to help us as a volunteer with any of the aforementioned initiatives?  We’d love to have your help, both on-site and virtual, in any capacity. Reach out to Angela Gunder (email at agunder@email.arizona.edu or DM on Twitter @angelagunder) or Clark Shah-Nelson (email at clarkshahnelson@gmail.com or DM on Twitter @clarkshahnelson) and let them know.