How do we within our various contexts and environments work to promote equity and access to learning?  What are the open practices, processes and connections that must be created to better meet the needs of our learners in local and global contexts? What initiatives are pushing the boundaries of openness in institutions? Welcome to OLC’s Online International Summit, an online covening spanning time zones and continents bringing together thought leaders and practitioners around the concept of openness.

As the conversation around open education shifts from open educational resources (OER) to open educational practices (OEP), online educators from across the globe are recontextualizing the work of open educators as critical to the support of access to education.  Situating open praxis within education as a social justice mission moves our communities to a mindset that “open” is much more than the creation of learning objects and eBooks, and that open pedagogy must be hallmark to the design of the learning spaces that truly put students first.  The Online International Summit seeks to connect the people, the practices and the contexts that make up the open landscape, and engage participants in the task of collectively (re)defining openness through the sharing of our stories.

As the kickoff event for OLC Live, the Online International Summit will run throughout the day on Tuesday, November 19.  This FREE and fully online conference spans both the globe and the bevy of open educational practices. The Online International Summit invites teams of designers, educators and online learning practitioners to come together in a series of six 1-hour sessions, one for each continent (minus Antarctica, unless we have a friend who wants to join us from there!).  

Each session will consist of:

  • A brief 5 minute intro and call to action
  • Two 5 minute provocations on a definition of openness and connections to the speakers’ work
  • A 10 minute collaborative activity to collectively define openness
  • A brief 5 minute closure activity and connections to the asynchronous conversation and backchannel

The theme of the summit is OPENNESS and will explore the question of how we engage in supporting our students through open educational praxis.  We will explore what openness means in a variety of contexts, and examine similarities and differences in the opportunities and challenges present in our communities.  As a means of amplifying the narratives and data collected, the summit will conclude with a synthesis of the findings which will be published as an open white paper to be shared out as a springboard for future collaborations and convenings.

Who Should Attend

Everyone!  Whether you are joining OLC Accelerate as a virtual attendee, or are an in-person participant who doesn’t want to miss the convening, you are invited to join us for any and all of these sessions within the Online International Summit as a part of all of the programming of OLC Live.

How to Sign On

Sessions are held on Zoom and can be accessed from the link to be posted here closer to the conference.

For scheduled sessions, you can enter the OLC Live Studio to attend, meet the guests, and collaborate with fellow participants and your hosts.

For break times or between virtual sessions, you can join the OLC Live Lounge to chat with fellow visitors and continue conversations that may have bubbled up in online sessions.  

Tentative Schedule

We’ll be posting the full schedule soon, so stay tuned!

RSVP to Attend

So that we can plan for your attendance, let us know that you are going to participate in the summit, along with any other free events as part of OLC Live, by filling out the short form linked below.  We’ll send you updates, reminders, and last minute information so that you can connect with ease.


How to Get Involved

Want to help us as a speaker or volunteer? Or maybe you would like to recommend a person to speak or to contribute to the effort?  We’d love to have your help, both on-site and virtual, in any capacity. Reach out to Angela Gunder (email at agunder@email.arizona.edu or DM on Twitter @angelagunder) or Clark Shah-Nelson (email at clarkshahnelson@gmail.com or DM on Twitter @clarkshahnelson) and let them know.