In order to have the best virtual conference experience possible, you’ll want to complete the following tasks beforehand.  Additionally, we’ve included information on how to access the virtual sessions once the conference kicks off.

1) Registration and Login

Test your login. All virtual participants will want to ensure that they are successfully registered beforehand.  Keep in mind that your username should be your email address. Check that you are both registered as an individual attendee and also that you are logged in to your OLC user account with which you registered.

You’ll also want to test your system to ensure you can view the live stream sessions. We recommend that you use Chrome or Firefox.

Review and bookmark this OLC Live! page, which includes links to:

  • A condensed streamed session listing and links
  • Participation tips on this Virtual Checklist
  • The full list of streamed sessions with abstracts (coming August 2)
  • The Virtual FAQ

Lastly, take some time to plan ahead – know which sessions you want to attend and when they are happening.

2) Accessing Virtual Sessions

Once the conference has begun, you can access the live streamed sessions. Live streamed sessions will begin at the start of the OLC Accelerate 2019 conference on November 20 at 1:15pm (EASTERN TIME ZONE) with sessions in Concurrent Session 1.  Use the following suggestions below to easily enter the sessions and fully engage in the experience:

  • Log in to your OLC user account (login was required when you registered for this virtual conference) to access the live streams and recordings. Make sure you can login without difficulty by testing it before the start of the conference using the instructions above.
  • Enter the session room early so that you don’t miss anything.
  • You will get the most out of your conference experience if you actively participate! Introduce yourself in the chat window when you enter a session so that the on-site session chair knows you are in the “room”.
  • When the session has ended, complete evaluations for the sessions you attend by clicking on the orange “Evaluate This Session” button on the upper right on each session page.
  • Check back in to see sessions that have been streamed previously.  Recordings may be accessed for 1 year post-conference.

3) Selecting and Bookmarking Sessions

Only the sessions on the list of “Streamed Sessions/Virtual Program” (coming August 2) will be available to virtual attendees. Each streamed session will be indicated with the streaming session icon (shown on right). 

You can use the “My Schedule” feature, but note that if it is not listed as a streaming session, it will not be available to you as part of the virtual conference.


Streamed Session Icon

Streamed sessions will also have an orange “Watch This Session” button on the upper right of their individual session page. This button can be used to access both the live stream and the on-demand recordings. If you do not see the “Watch This Session” button, make sure you are logged in to the user account used to purchase your virtual conference registration. 



If you have any questions, please email us at