Advancing a Faculty Development Course: Let’s Share!

Concurrent Session 1

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Brief Abstract

Five hundred faculty members have completed a Teaching Online (TOL) course preparing them to engage online students. We will show the TOL course and share results of the course evaluations. Participants will leave the session with a new collaborative network and vetted faculty activities to utilize and modify.



Jann is passionate about the best practices and applications of educational technologies for teaching and learning. At the University of North Florida she works with faculty to prepare their courses for Quality Matters review, supports the Open Educational Resources initiative, and loves to support people learning to apply educational technology. In 2017 she earned her Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership focusing on Curriculum and Technology.

Extended Abstract


In five years 500 faculty members at our institution have completed the Teaching Online (TOL) course preparing them to engage students in an online environment. Each faculty cohort was surveyed resulting in minor adjustments of the course. We are currently exploring ways to make more significant improvements and would like to bring this exchange of ideas to OLC. In this session we will review the results of the faculty survey responses to identify their key experiences and we will see a brief focused tour of the TOL course. Participants will then work in small groups to share their experiences and ideas to redesign a specific aspect of this faculty experience by using the existing topics and assignments in the TOL Course as guides. Each group will receive a handout with a specific assignment and/or topic and will be instructed to improve upon it based on their own experiences and the faculty feedback (which will be on the screen). The groups will share their results to the whole session with time for feedback and discussion. Participants will leave the session with concrete faculty activities they can utilize and modify for their own institutions and a new network of colleagues to contact.